Kopran Ltd. - Has its time finally come?!

Wish it was a simple answer, believe valuations are a function of broader market sentiments, growth (current+ ahead), sector dynamics etc. Not looking healthy in current state but mkt being forward looking would have factored them

APIs seem to be coming off a high base of last year and have price correction across the board, in Kopran case here are few prominent one’s ( there seems volume growth but price trend is downward and on positive side at bottom of longer range ), good thing though is Atenolol- key bet that Kopran calls out in presentations, seem to be bucking trend and holding quite well

Above is not comprehensive but gives an idea.


Investor Presentation link - https://www.bseindia.com/xml-data/corpfiling/AttachLive/3feb643a-88ab-4330-a4ab-c443c671dba1.pdf

Just adding the most imp. slide on outlook for FY23 and beyound


The Investor presentation mentions about inorganic growth through the acquisition of an API facility which should be ready by end June itself. This materially alters the situation as it hastens the Sales growth & will give the much needed boost to the operations. This plant apparently was a sick unit & has been picked quite cheap by the Co. The Panoli plant too should be operational by September end. This is in addition to the expansion being carried out at the Mahad facility.

The second half of the current year should see the results of the current expansion start playing out with Sales for current year expected to be in the vicinity of 700 crs though the next year (2023-24) should see the full impact of the current expansion with sales in the vicinity of 800-1000 crs. This could potentially take Kopran into a different league with operating profits in the range of about 180-200 crs & Pat of about 115-125 crs. The current correction has brought the market cap down to about 1050 crs & this presents a very interesting opportunity indeed!


@Dev_S What is this website where you are tracking the prices and shared graphs from?

It’s from screener.in premium feature imports/export trade data.