Investment journey of a late starter

After the Q2 results made some changes …

  1. Sold off …
    GAEL : because I received same number of shares as gift for helping someone with dematerialization . So this one is not part of the portfolio anymore.
    MOL: Another fire ! TiO2 may not be very high margin after all .
    HBL : Very slow moving business and effects of TCAS will take time to reflect in P&L. Made 30% in 4 months and better opportunity seems available.
  2. Increased : AllCargo,Aegis,Optimus,Sirca and Lux based on results and runway ahead .Among better known shares added to Polycab and VBL during reasonable drawdowns .
  3. Added …
    Mirza International: 2.5% @297 . Demerger play and also noticed a lot of boards and shops in Delhi,Chandigarh,Ambala etc .Results are improving as well.
    Gujarat Fluorochem : 2.5% @3900 . Bought too late in all probability but runway seems long .
    Sarla Performance Fibers : 1% @44. Better days seem to be ahead .
    South Indian Bank : 1%@15 . Again better days seem to be ahead and in past few quarters mgmt has walked the talk.
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Sir, may you kindly share your thoughts on Sarla Performance Fibre and what is future ahead.

@rajiv_ag16 Its not a deeply researched stock or one where I expect multibagger returns quickly . I bought it because …

  1. Company sells nylon and ployester based products that are typically used to replace low cost elastics . Example…Jockey and such premium Underwears and sportswears. It also makes Nylon66 which is primary material for airbags and this segment should increase because of the gov mandate on this.
  2. Company used to focus on international market but now focussing on domestic because the market is now big enough as earning level and the market of premium products increase . This change has changed companies fortunes since Covid .
  3. They have good R&D trackrecord on new material and dye creation .
  4. Capex completing in next 9 months should increase Nylon6 capacity frm 1 to 3 TPD and Nylon66 from 3 to 8 TPD.These are high demand higher margin product and capex is from internal accruals .There is also a yarn capacity expansion to be completed in Q3 and should start at 50% capacity but show its colours in next FY . Revenue should reach 600 crore .
  5. I bought it after almost a 50% drawdown from top corespnding with some margin contraction .Hoping that coming quarters will be better .Since they will go debt free if bad things do not happen(THEY MAY and that why very small 1% investment) ,and their products demand outlook is good,they can expand with reinvestment of cashflow.

All the above is gleaned from the latest AR.The AR is impressive and has a lot of reading material .


Sir, tons of thanks for such detailed reply. I will keep a watch on this scrip.

Real Estate- you need only one house. If you invest in another house for investment, it gives only 2% annual return by way of rent. Do people invest in houses for selling? Not many/

Gold- gold is like my flat. Even if it becomes two crores, it will still have only 3 rooms. In our culture, selling gold is considered only in dire straits. Then what is its value worth?

FD- you invest in FD of a bank, and the bank gives it as a loan to a businessman, who invests in equity/capital. You get 7.5% on it. The company gets 30%. So, why not invest in equity directly.

Of course, while investing in equity, you should have otherwise readily accessible money as you may need cash when the market gets one of its vertigo attacks an falls.

Tough I am 65, to me equity is the only investment. And investment, not gambling.


Please, there are some people like me who don’t get the abbreviations like MOL etc.

I am prehistoric. Then why I am here as a late starter? Well…
I started my investment journey by investing in IPOs. Those days, the shares in IPOs were priced uniformaly at ₹10. So, you either did not get allotment, or if you got, you sold at three, four times and that was it.

The shares were a piece of paper. To get them transferred in your name, you had to fill up a form and send it to the company’s registrar, who often did not return it.
Then, salaries being what they were, you hardly ever had money to invest. When you bought, you bought a share which could be bought at the most for ₹25!
I had rather humiliating experience when I visited the office of a famous broker/sub-broker to place an order or take the delivery. The guy, a small salaried guy, but perhaps dealing with bigger investors, would not even look at me when I stood there.
I had no money (story of an honest govt servant, who was, may be not very wise with money) so could not hold stocks. I remember buying iCICI Bank when its face value was ₹10, for ₹42 each. Sold them for ₹45 each. Imagine if I had kept those 1000 shares.
I have started investing regularly in small sums in 2015, and regularly after my retirement in 2017.
Initially my investments were restricted to famous names-you know HDFC, L&T, Colgate etc, most of them based on recommendations of ICICI Direct.
But never wanted to trade, never trusted the forecasters. So, my intentions are to be a long term, in the Buffett mould , but I often end up selling after losing confidence in my own research.


Sir, what a candid approach. We, the people like you can understand easily, how approaching this path is difficult with limited resources. But, the satisfaction it draws to us is boundless. Hence, enjoying this journey. I feel very proud of this community who handhold novice like me.


Sir ,
MOL is Meghmani Organics … since I had mentioned it earlier in this thread already ,I chose to use the symbòl(searching MOL in zerodha or groww etc. should show the fullname).
You are about the same age as my uncle and I know what it was like in 1990s . I recall that I hated the fact that we subscribed to Economic times which had only half a page of sports news and 4 or 8 pages of stock prices :slight_smile: .Considering lot size was 100 those days ,it was not easy to buy any share worth more than 25 or 30 just as you said . I would not even start buying stocks if demat acc was not available .
Even last year ,I and my uncle burned a whole bundle of share certificates of companies gone bust . Only one stock out of 40 odd that he bought those days has turned proper multibagger since he bought 100 shares of Gujarat Ambuja exports of facevalue 10 at 10 rupee each in 1995 and now last year it went up to 380 (facevalue 1 rupee)…so it was a 380 bagger if it had been booked .

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Really identify with it. Thanks for your comments.