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In the case of bonus shares for VBL, value of the fractional share has been credited to the bank.

Fractional entitlement(s) arising out of the allotment of above-mentioned Bonus Equity shares were consolidated and allotted to “Varun Beverages Limited - Bonus Issue Fractional Shares Trust” (“Trust”) created for the purpose of selling and distributing the net sale proceeds (after adjusting the cost, expense and applicable TDS for Non-Resident Members) of consolidated fractional Bonus Equity Shares among the eligible Members in proportion to their respective fractional entitlement.

Consequent to the sale of above-mentioned consolidated fractional Bonus Equity Shares by Trust, your entitled net sale proceeds have been transferred through online mode of payment in your bank account.

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Thanks Chaitanya. Same happened in my case with Bonus shares. So, I guess same will happen in merger case also.

Actually @keeyes was telling similar thing in Mindtree thread yesterday.

Probably yes, as fractional shares irrespective of the nature of their creation, be it merger or bonus, cannot be credited to demat accounts, hence value of the fractional share will be calculated and credited.

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@Surender bhai thank you for your kind reply.

So is “purchase of stock in trade” a P&L item or Balance Sheet?

Meaning, if it is P&L item then all stocks of Rs 401 crs would be utilized (sold) during the quarter. And if it’s a Balance Sheet item then stocks worth Rs 401 would be outstanding and available to be sold at the end of quarter.

So is stock of Rs 401 crs already sold? or is it lying in stores waiting to be sold?

PnL item. Expenses booked in the reported Qtr.

Hi- Any idea how to get a list of companies (using the exchange’s/screener’s website) that are listed for 12+ Years in the Indian equity market?