Green Hydrogen as a Fuel - Indian Companies leading the Green Revolution

Gail advanced it’s Net Zero emissions target by 5 years- now aims to achieve Zero emissions target by 2035.

How does it plans to achieve this ?

To some extent this is all hocus-pocus.

Its passing emissions from one hand to another to certain extent. But enormous PR value and investment value as FII pay attention to these things and for getting lower priced green loans.:slight_smile:

For you or me as a retail investor does not make an iota of difference if company does afforestation or whatever unless there is revenue or significant cost saved.

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Agree , finally what matters to you and me is the financial performance and stock appreciation , dividend etc which time only would tell us.

But there is nothing wrong in having a target and aiming to achieve it by different ways - Green hydrogen , CBG , Carbon capture , Ethanol which are at least not on paper - they have already initiated projects which are at verious stages of implementation .Afforestation is only one of the initiatives If this enables the company to get cheaper loan , let it be - then again it is good for investors like you and me

Discl : I remain invested from lower level. i may be biased.Not a buy sell recommendation. please do your own assessment before buy sell

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Renewable Energy finds a new Suitor-Booming Data Centers,AI

You would be wondering what renewable energy has to do with data center & AI.
The answer is yes - the Global mandate is that data centers has to run on Green energy ! intersting indeed ? But why ? can it not run on normal electricity produced by Coal ? yes it can, but there is a hitch here.!

The demand for Data centers is increasing day by day, due to the ever increasing demand for data storage , thanks to boom in AI.

Data centers are energy intensive as it needs a lot of power for cooling and ventilation apart from running the servers. Normally we use electric energy for productive purpose such as operating factories , machinery , for cooking food , operating Home appliances, driving a vehicle (EV) or a train (electric)… But if electric energy is to be used to cool data centers, it is seen as energy wastage - but a necessity devil.

Due to the data center boom &:AI, It is estimated that there is an incremental energy demand which currently stands at 3% of total energy production at Global level which is set to increase to 8% by 2030.
Already , the world is fighting with Global warming / climate change with all out efforts in decarbonising by getting rid of fossil fuels and resorting to renewable energy.

So it makes sense that the ever increasing data center boom which demands additional energy requirement should run sustainably with renewable energy and the global mandate is very clear- so the demand for more sustainable renewable energy further increasing.

India is said to be the land for cheaper sources of renewable energy and building data centers in India is less by 30-40% than elsewhere in the world and hence the world is looking up to India for data centers.


John Cockerill Greenko Hydrogen, L&T Electrolysers, Reliance Electrolyser Manufacturing and Adani New Industries see their manufacturing units ready by 2025.