Gravita India success story

Agree with this view. This should be seen as positive. This stock is not having many institutional investors. Of late, there is a lot of attention on the recycling industry and big investors have started tracking the sector. I expect many institutional investors enter into the stock in the coming months.

Disc: Plan to invest in a few days.


ICICI securities initiated covering Gravitas - released report on 9th May


Gravita has crossed its ATH today , further Gravita enjoyed increased margin in Q4 as per concall-

Rahul Bhangadia:
And sir, the second question was on the tax rate from what you can see in the presentation, the contribution of the Indian operations to the overall PAT is now much higher. In fact, it is almost 3x of what it used to be in 2 years back. FY ‘22, Indian operations were 25% of PAT. Now this year, we’re spending almost 75% of PAT. But actually, it seems to be low to my limited understanding, the tax rates were low because of the contribution of the African operations to the PAT. So, some sense there, please.

Yogesh Malhotra:
So, I mean if you look at the total numbers, because there were some arbitrage opportunities in India, because of which we have diverted some of the materials from the African operations into India. And also because of this Red Sea situation also some of the material from the East African operations were diverted into India. And so, the overall increase in EBITDA margins in that if you see that as against Rs. 19 per ton, we have increased EBITDA numbers, and that has contributed to the increase in the overall profitability from India.

Many FII invested and Ashish Kacholia holidng 2.1% and stay put .
WIth its International business flourishing , Gravita could achive more than 1000 Cr. soon. QOQ


Any idea why the stock is rallying so fast?



Promoter sold 14lacs shares to Oxbow Capital for ~ Rs.191 cr.


from where do you get this data

Lately I have been seeing a lot of funds meeting gravita management according to the bse notifications they publish. Personally invested in the stock


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Promotor seems to have sold equity worth 200CR (~2%) in June and July, is that a red Flag? Why would anyone do such heavy selling?

Looks like this was 2 block deals for FII investment. Gravita India Ltd. Bulk and Block deals on NSE and BSE

But going back, promoter did a similar stake sale in Q1 2023 and in the concall it was said the promoter would not dilute stake anymore, except for a sizable M&A opportunity.


Lead shortage seen in China

Read the article… please pardon me for my ignorance…
Can any seniors explain how this thing going to affect business strength of Gravita?

While I too await informed opinions on this from some of the seniors in tracking this business, we can also attempt to ask this question to the Gravita management in today’s concall.