Frequent Posters in a thread - some responsibilities

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Can we explore if there is a way we can prompt the top 5 or top 10 posters in a thread - to update their holdings disclosure (for the specific thread stock) once every 6 months (or at times of perceived stress in the business - manually)

Folks, please appreciate this is only a voluntary disclosure that is requested; it may not be right to expect every frequent poster/senior to find the time to care to participate at every stress point - (individuals may have their own prioirities to attend to) - besides many of us like to stay off - in order to not add to the NOISE and opinion-bazi :wink:

At the same time, it becomes a RESPONSIBILITY for frequent posters in a thread - to be not seen as fair-weather friends only - disclosing when buying or invested - but failing to update their actions while exiting or booking profits. This becomes even more important as we have seen the SEBI regulations being wide enough to cover forum discussions as well. It is in the interest of every poster/frequent poster to be seen as transparent and taking responsibility of updating - if you are choosing to participate in forum discussions - while being not unaware of the intent of the regulations.


Any long term investment , we need to worry only when there is a ebitda de-growth. It is safer to get out and then re-enter later. This strategy I use for all my LT investments. It may look laughable but as a retail investor we are not privy to all that is happening in industry or in the company. Sometimes, the bias will fool us to look/analyse things that have changed.

In KSCL, i have not seen any ebitda degrowth so far and we can confirm the same when they announce June qtr results as it is a very important qtr for them. I exited 2 investments Sriram Transport and Suven on this principle of ebitda de-growth. In IPCA, despite problems, there is no EBITDA de-growth.

Technicaly also you can confirm, but I will not venture into that in this forum

IPCA is also ebitda de-growth . Sorry for the error. The previous post stand corrected accordingly.