DCX Systems Ltd

Margin is very low in this quarter. With higher revenue it should have been higher. :frowning:


Some part of low margin is answered. Rest will be known in a few quatres


Excellent conference call.

Complete clarity provided by the management, every question and concern has been answered.

Many expected the price to tank post results, but instead the gap down opening was quickly lapped up within minutes.

DCX is an investment and not a trading stock. Those who expect QonQ growth will always be disappointed.

NIART execution yet to begin. Massive Indian and global opportunity here for railways

New JV TOT to yet be done.

Lockheed Martin happy with the delivery. Future orders can be huge. Anyone who has done basic research on Lockheed will understand what quality they work with.

Only player in India for MRO.

Hints about order pipeline chases being so robust that it can take care of next few years of business.

Huge runway ahead.

DCX - not for the faint hearted.


DCX CONCALL MAR 2024.pdf (184.4 KB)
Dcx concall notes compiled!


I like the management statement. They are more focused on the business rather than making investors happy

Hi, I am little puzzled here …the potential growth opportunities for this company looks good. But why the promoters are offloading?

Source: Value Research…

@rohanmark Qip was done

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DCX NEW ORDER.pdf (215.1 KB)

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