DCX Systems Ltd

I am invested in the company, but don’t want to mislead others with wrong information.

Pls confirm if above is correct

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The attached extract from DCX System transcript Q3 2024, the management said that they had received an order for US$ 2Million. See the attached screenshot.

DCX-Systems_Q3-9M-FY24-Earnings-Call-Transcript (1).pdf (348.2 KB)

The order from Lockheed is USD 2MILLION only. Approx INR 16.5cr.

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Lockheed Sets Middle Of The Year For C-130J India Partner Selection

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Successfully raised 500 crores through QIP in January 2024.

209cr out of 500cr going to fund NIART Systems.
Solution developed - Radar and obstacle based deduction system can predict it up to the 1 kilometer plus on the range what is there in the track you can see.

Production from NIART is going to start from next year.
Second 200 crore investment, to invest on JV’s and technology of transfer for Make in India program.

Read full concall insights at:


The recently released credit rating document gives a lot of useful information about the company - https://www.bseindia.com/xml-data/corpfiling/AttachHis/b3adf94c-d7b1-47dc-b300-2a9cf1a0060f.pdf

  • Company caters to the clients such as Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Limited.
  • Recently company has received an order of ~Rs 16.53 Cr from Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA and other orders of ~ Rs 457.58 Cr. Open orderbook position of the company as on 1st Jan 2024 stood at ~ Rs 1095 Cr, with these new orders of ~ Rs 474 Cr, current orderbook position stands at ~Rs 1569 Cr.
  • DCX through its Wholly owned Subsidiary Raneal Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd, has setup
    facility for manufacturing Printed Circuit Board Assemblies for RF microwave, high–speed
    digital and mixed signal applications in the defence and aerospace segment.
  • NIART Systems Ltd, incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of DCX on October 15, 2023 in Israel has entered into JV with Israel company ELTA Systems Ltd (part of IAI) having 50.1% shareholding in the JV, which would offer obstacle detection solutions based on radar and optics technology for railway industry. The purpose is to detect large and small obstacles up to 1.2-1.5 Km from the locomotive in a variety of weather and visibility conditions including in both daylight and at night.

Dcx showing signs of reversal.
Bullish harami pattern has been made at support level on daily time frame with a crossover in MACD. A increase in volume would have confirmed it 100%.


My question is that, can the company increase its margins. Its margins are too low more of like a commodity company. Have the management ever spoken about working on high margin business going ahead

In the recent concall the management indicated Margins to improve but has stayed away from mentioning numbers, they also mentioned margins are expected to improve with Raneal’s operations

Is the resignation of chief financial officer of the company a red alarm?

No, it’s not a red alarm. They have hired a new CFO.

I believe things are silently in motion. The first Lockheed Martin order if done well can open the floodgates to massive business. Lockheed is one of the largest in the world.

Israel/Iran conflict — DCX is a supplier to ELTA for over a decade.

Unsure of Q4 numbers, but FY25 is expected to be great.

Let’s wait :+1:


Nomura has initiated on the India Defence space, with DCX mentioned.

Anyone know where one can access the complete PDF copy?

Margin is very low in this quarter. With higher revenue it should have been higher. :frowning:


Some part of low margin is answered. Rest will be known in a few quatres