Dcoder Portfolio for Wealth creation

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Stocks under watchlist ( to buy at dips) : Happiest Minds, Symphony, Bajaj Finance, Deepak Nitrite, Asian Paints, Pidilite , HDFC Life, Muthoot Finance, Syngene, Dr. Lal Path


PF Update : Added Whirlpool, Relaxo Footwears, Alkyl Amines to core PF.

Don’t you think Alkyl Amines are very expensive for the current price…I have big allocation to it, but bought it when prices were low and my average value is below 1K…I feel it is very expensive now

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Yes, but looks good for long term.

Have added only small chunk now. Others chemicals like Navin Flourine have higher P/E.

This has better financials thus choosen this.

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Added Vaibhav Global and Hindustan foods

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Added Navin Flourine, CAMS, HDFC Life, Ami Organics, Metropolis, Symphony, Praj Industries , AWHL and Berger Paints

Are you planning to add Asian Paints too since you were tracking it a few days earlier. Also, is it okay to keep both Asian Paints & Berger in one’s PF?

Sir why did you chose Amara Raja instead of Exide is it because Johnson Controls holds 26% stake in Amara Raja or any other reason

No plan to add Asian Paints as of now. Was waiting to buy at dips but doesn’t look like it will see some correction in short term.
It totally depends on your rationale. You may keep both or just one.
My suggestion ( not investment advice) is that firstly try to diversify your PF to different sectors.
After that you may choose few stocks from same sector if your are bullish for sector/stock.

Didn’t check the Johnson Control stake in it. Thanks for the info.
Choosen it for EV.
Although Exide and Amara Raja are neck to neck for battery segment.
Read Somewhere that Amara Raja has slightly better technology (don’t remember the link :p).
Thus Amara Raja

PF Update: Exited Bhansali Eng. Polymers.

Can you give your rationale on exiting Bhansali?

Choosen from screener filter. Financials were too good to be true. saw this thread and exited when got the chance.

Also, the portfolio I want to have is very similar to yours. Do you think it is okay to take positions lumpsum into stocks with such high valuations like Asian Paints, TCS, IRCTC currently? Or should I take the SIP route instead?

Totally depends on you.

Via SIP you can average out the buy price or buy at dips , both are good options for long term . you can experiment and see what suits you the best.

PF Update: Added Muthoot Finance, Radico Khaitan.

can you explain your rationale behind Muthoot finance? and whether current hammering of stock price is disturbing your sleep?

I think Radico khaitan can fall further from here as company is undergoing capacity expansion which will increase D/E ratio and with its higher PE rating market can punish it further.Rampur single malt review on youtube is good but it cost and its unavailability in indian market can be a major issue.Recently it started its selling its Rampur single malt in CSD milittary stores. How much cases are they going to sell of Rampur single malt is yet to be seen?
Disclosure Invested from 850 levels. Correct me if I am wrong in my above thesis.

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Added since financial of the company are good , promoter holding still solid , invested for long term , so no issues.
Might accumulate if it goes down further.

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Thanks for the info.

Agreed on the result of the info.

Will probably accumulate more if it goes down.
Financials are good , stock price growth great over the 5-6 years , so don’t see any issue in long term.

I am too invested from 850 levels.