Buying the pessimism: Trying to catch the bottom

Catching the bottom is a more predictable event than falling off the top.

I say it’s more about technical analysis than fundamental analysis. I personally use the 200 EMA on a monthly chart to see a greater picture.

The question comes, when will the price will reach 200EMA? In other words, when will the next crash happen?

There are people who waited since 2011-12 to see the price come to a reasonable level. And all they got was, that they missed one of the best bull runs in the past decade.

The sincere advice would be to keep investing small chunks of your income in the market, but keep yourself hydrated with cash in case of a market crash.


I think a lot of people made serious money from 2013-17/18 bull market. 2012-13was really a pessimistic time. Most of the companies had all time low margins in FY 13. You can check that.