Burger King ~ Whopper of an Opportunity

Better results in this environment,Maintaining gross margins at 66%.
Store opening count on track.
Seems that profitability is just around the corner.

Disc-Invested since IPO listing day.
investor presentation-burger king-jan2023.pdf (4.2 MB)

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In such a event, does one get X shares of Jubilant (say) for every Y share of RBA? or we need to exit?

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Let them announce it officially. If it turns out as a merger then you will get shares of Jubilant Food (if they acquire them). But if they don’t merge then shares of RBA will continue to trade.

Seems like similar news of selling by Everstone parent group are resurfacing again in market, better wait for official news from RBA. Link to old news

Moving onto the other question in terms of merger/acquisition, we can take an example of Hero’s investment in Ather. Even though both are in same line of business, Hero has bought up 40% of Ather to get the EV edge as they know it will be the future. Similarily here in our case if Jubilant has to acquire Burger King I don’t think they will do so to kill the brand when it is so close to breakeven ( End FY24 ) or maybe to get the rights of Popeye’s.

Just to summarise, let’s stick by and see how this pans out instead of speculating on a repeating news :slight_smile:

Happy Investing !


is anybody attended the AGM? Please share highlights.

Q1-Investor presentation, Good revenue growth in India business but subdued store opening s in last 3 months.

I did a small scuttle but. I interacted with a Zomato delivery boy in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Here recently Burger king new store opened, and he told me that sales of burger king is very good. Infact, it’s beating KFC near it. I have seen more crowd in general in front of Burger King as compared to KFC near it.

Also, I personally liked burger king Burgers more than KFC’s. And


Any idea who will be the new promoter of RBA?

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Restaurant Brands Asia: Bulk Deals

:pushpin:QSR Asia SOLD 25.353% @ 119.1

:pushpin:ICICI Prudential Life BOUGHT 6.8718% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Plutus Wealth BOUGHT 6.0633% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Quant Mutual Fund BOUGHT 2.8296% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Tata Mutual Fund BOUGHT 2.5264% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Franklin Singapore BOUGHT 1.6696% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Goldman Sachs BOUGHT 1.3137% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Amal N. Parikh BOUGHT 1.0287% @ 119.1
:pushpin:TD Emerging Markets BOUGHT 0.8085% @ 119.1
:pushpin: Plutus Wealth BOUGHT 0.8084% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Societe Generale BOUGHT 0.3436% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Dovetail India Fund BOUGHT 0.3254% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Citigroup Global BOUGHT 0.2122% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Nomura Singapore BOUGHT 0.2122% @ 119.1
:pushpin:Avendus BOUGHT 0.1697% @ 119.1
:pushpin:N V Investments BOUGHT 0.1697% @ 119.1


RBA was trading at discount becuase of this overhang of promoter sellling , may be it will catch up with the like of Devyani , Jubiliant …

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With no promoter skin in the game, can they really have a clear and focussed stratergy to achieve the required scale and improvement in margins/profitability?

Anyone has any views on what this could mean?

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