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(JKS) #617

Also waiting for lower levels. Something like 7 PE will provide a bit of cushion

In the meanwhile, exchange has sought clarifications
The Exchange has sought clarification from Focus Lighting and Fixtures Limited with respect to Non-compliance as per Regulation 33 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015. On basis of above the Company is required to clarify the following: -1. Standalone audited report not submitted. -2. Consolidated audited review report not submitted. -3. No Segment Reporting. The response of the Company is awaited

(senthilsp76) #619

Vivek Ji,
Silly Monk results are out. Looks good your views please.

(Vivek Gautam) #620

Profits tripled.Results seems OK. focus on business performance only

(AbhijitMani) #621

Hi @Vivek_6954,
Though the profits have tripled (on a very low base), if we look on a sequential half-year basis, expenses have gone up nearly 8-9 times , thus eating into the net profit.
Do you have any insight into the nature of these expenses (maybe they are front loaded or is this the trend to continue in the future ). I ask this as I do not have a decent hold on the dynamics of their business.
The management has also replaced the existing CFO, without much reasons.
Any reasons for alarm bells you think ?
Having said that ,in my opinion, even with current expense rate, if growth can get repeated, the current PE of 50+ can be maintained!


I am not 100% sure but One may call SillyMonks business as the one with front-loaded cost to some extent.e.g. the Telugu serial that is going to get released on 1st June on Amazon Prime ( produced by SillyMonks) has been fully created, shooted, edited, mastered and then purchased by Amazon, there is no disclosure on costs involved or the sell price, but typically Producer takes the cost upfront and then get a chance to monetize.
It would be good if company comes with Investors presentation with revenue/profits split from verticals and other business information.

Overall SiMo looks to be growing the business at decent pace. Resignation of CFO is not a good news, but one cannot speculate on the reasons without factual data.

I have a small position in SiMo.

-Vivek D

(Vivek Gautam) #623

(AmitContrarian) #624

Have you bought Sirca today ?

(ramanhp) #625

Do you still like it given the current valuations?

(senthilsp76) #626

Huge pain in SME & Nano caps.

(ramanhp) #627

That is the nature of SME investing and on top of it we have to buy in huge quantities. I am sure that some excellent business will now be available are decent valuations.

(AmitContrarian) #628

@Vivek_6954 Still holding or buying silly monks ? Looks like buying SME IPOs on listing day not working anymore.

(Vivek Gautam) #629

Yes SME mkt have deteriorated over due to greed of LM pricing IPOs expansively almost at par to main board inspite of suspicious accounting where nos r showing abnormal rise in profits just before the ipos.,namelending,cashback n other dubious practice of unscrupulous LMs,promoters n sudden appearance of QIB quota . I have exited some and holding on to some of my SME holdings.

Time to be cautious n selective in SMEs,.90% bet on promoter n rest on sector.

I feel we need to give some more time and await few more 6 monthly results as promoter reputation seems good n sector is also OK for Valiant Organics,Focus Lighting,Sheetal Cool,RKEC Projects,Silly Monks ,Dynamic cables,SS Infra.

Concerns on liquidity,and Small size of co,keyman risks remain in SMEs so allocation shud be small and one shud have thick skin.One shud have a 2 year POV till they migrate to main board

(ramanhp) #630

Any views of MACPOWER CNC and Facade systems. Both held by very smart investors.

(Vivek Gautam) #631

No dont track them but they have investment by Kenneth Andrade n Vijay Kedia. Kenneth still is positive on Sme space in his last interview on Et now but is v selective

(ramanhp) #632

Yes he still holds it ( along with massive post IPO listing gains) and MEP. Do you have any report on dynamic Cables. It looks interesting and has fallen beyond its issue price.

(jugal mansharamani) #633

What is your take on avanti feeds? Would u look to average the stock here considering the long term potential of the sector?

(Vivek Gautam) #634

Promoter quality is excellent but sector headwinds are appearing. I booked profit as it was the major portion of my portfolio & I want to have cash as a portion of my portfolio for next 1 year till political uncertainty remains

May relook at Avanti when headwinds reduce n valuation comfort reappears.

(Arup Kumar Bhandari) #635

Dear Sir,
Please advice how to play with cash after sold some stock, put in liquid fund, FD, saving a/c or others option. Please guide

(Vivek Gautam) #636

I have put in bank Bank Fds only as may use it for applying in an in good ipo or some other good opportunistic acquisition. I realise that sometimes sitting on cash acts as financial valium for one giving comfort in bearish times.

(Manohar T. Patil) #637

Hi @Vivek_6954 - Did you happen to have a chance to review recent half yearly result for Dynamic cables. Will be thankful to know your views on the results and balance sheet especially given that the stock is now available at IPO issue price