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Patience most imp for any investor.Results of DCc seems good with valn also cheap and a small interim dividend announced n new factory to contribute in future.Scuttlebutt on promoter is positive.Sector too is having tailwinds currently.


What is competitive advantage Dynamic cable has over larger peers which enables to earn more than cost of capital?

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Not much as such but bet on first gen entrp n good opp size n low valn. Tailwind for sectors at present.

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Excellent promoter quality at Avanti . Let sector tailwinds improve then make an entry again.

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Bought some Bajaj finance again post results.opp size huge n excellent promoter with brilliant execution. who else bought it post results?

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Holding it for past 3 years & attended AGM as well yesterday.
It is a business which 1 should get glued to with Fevicol & wake up after 5 years to not able to believe his own eyes.

A clear buy at any price with a long term view.

Disclosure: 45% of PF & hence views may be biased.
Please do your own due diligence & it is not a buy or sell recommendation at all.

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Whats the EPS n BV expectation FOR FY 19 & 20 ? I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR A dip to buy more but in vain . still sitting on good amount of cash. may be state election results in 3 states may give good buying opp.

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Conservative 35% growth is what I feel even on a magnified base but ideally if I go by Management Commentary, couple of other business verticals which are still in nascent & incubation phase should commence contributing significantly by then & hence 45-50% growth should also not surprise on a sustainable basis.


This MO report may give some idea on expected BV for FY19 and FY20.
Added more yesterday and day before. All one needs to do is be patient here considering the opportunity size is still big, as the mgmt confirmed in the recent interview.

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Hello vivek sir, what about silly monks, its continue going down, why?

(Amitt) #648

Came across this, Silly Monks acting like Angel investor with IPO reciepts…

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Yes thats the risk with these small cos.Diworseifications. Seems Reddys have a strong fascination with real estate. Better to exit on rebounds even though the core sector seemed promising n promoter too hardworking first gen entrp with great exp in the sector…

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great, you bought bajaj finance at all time highs and after years of bull run. What is the time frame you are thinking for this investment? Also what are your views on L&t Finance for investment…thanks

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BAJAJ fin is an indirect pick n shovel play on almost all mobile makers whether Apple Samsung or any Chinese also on indian consumption makers n now also on e commerce . buy n forget as opp size for indian consumption is huge n increasing. execution too superb

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Speaking of consumption, how do you see Bajaj Finserve as opposed to Bajaj Finance? I see a lot of presence for bajaj finserve in the online ecommerce space and P/E is ~28 which is not too high.

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So true. icici pru giving good returns from your buy. Patience pays

(Nikhil Rodrigues) #655

They use parent Bajaj Finserv brand in consumer outlets. The lending is actually done by Bajaj Finance.

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Hello Vivekji. Have been keenly following this thread and your knack for identifying good IPos. Can you kindly share your thoughts on the HDFC AMC IPO. Management quality is well known and the Mutual Fund penetration is still low in our country as compared to Global levels. Opportunity size is big and increasing.

The company has many good moats like highest profitability, highest share of equity AUM, very good distribution network (based on scuttlebut) and a very well known Fund manager in Mr Prashant Jain.

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Hdfc cos have created big wealth for investors so there will be huge demand for this ipo as well
Scarcity premium will also play its part

But concern remains on valuation. Whats the expected EPS for fy 19 n 20 n what PE will one asign to the co?

Whats the price tgt one has for n what strategy one should have on listing? like Basant Maheshwari does saying First day First Show or wait for valuations to become.more reasonable??

Views invited

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First day first show buying at any valuation is trading not investing whoever does that … for trading we don’t need any views it can be done on HDFC or ADAG .