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no booked profits.its has been a multibagger after moving to main oard. Real returns come for a sme stock only after it moves to main board as the min lot size requirement goes away.

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What is your opinion on Beta Drugs ?

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i dont track the scrip

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Just wanted to post for my own tracking purpose my portfolio performance from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 .It was approx 54%.

It was majorly contributed by picks in aquaculture ,pvt sector financials, some old holdings ,entry made and still holding stocks bought in IPOs of both SME and main board and profit booked in IPOs both in main board and SME. Laggards were bets in popular consensus stocks .

Momentum continues .Performance has improved by further 12% in April.

Lets see how 2018 fares. One needs to be stock specific,independent and focused on business performance of stocks IMHO.

Lesson learnt more then stock picks ones behaviour contribute to portfolio performance.Easier said then done though.Impulse buying and selling badly affects your portfolio performance

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Thanks for sharing Vivek…great going…thanks for having the last few lines of behavioural aspects a d that’s the same lesson for me in 2017…impulsive buying.

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Good to know vivek year 2017 have given you excellent return. Please share your latest holding for educational purposes.

Please share your views on macpower cnc.


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hats off Vivek. I have hardly been able to mimic your PF moves esp in SME stocks. I took my time to decide on that and when I made up my mind, they usually ran up. Role model, unique style of yours is well known …kudos buddy

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My holdings are known n mostly discussed on this thread itself and some other threads as well. You will need to scroll back . Patience pays & is the most imp learning. I dont track macpower.

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Have bought some SSInfra(SS Infrastructure & development Consultants) a Hyderbad based co listed on NSE emerge .

Rationale being the same old ethical first gen technocrat entrepreneur with good opp size. 90% bet on promoter only. PE in single digit.Almost zero debt.21% RONW.125 Crore order book so good cagr expected in next 2 years unlike previous years. Co seems strong in its niche of civil and structural engg consultancy.OPM at 35% & NPM at 16% as mostly consultancy work and v little EPC… V good clientele like DRDO,BEL,Cyent,M&M ,MBDA etc.

Scuttelbutt is really useful in such small cos.Can any VPers contribute in this regard wrt to promoter,business quality ,clientele ? its will be really great as scuttlebutt was positive in the case in Sheetal Cool & RKEC projects and helped a lot.

But SME stocks have their own problem of cornering hence manipulation,liquidity,big price volatility hence requires extraordinary pateince till it migrates to main board which is also not 100% sure.

Views invited.

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Hi vivek,

Phenomenal performance despite a volatile year… Unique style and focus is what is commendable about you. “Focus on your niche” is the thing to learn. Will want to meet you sometime.



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Sheetal Cool touches 180-190 from 80-90 rs . What a superb scuttelbutt by Dr Arvind Saab. Thanks again

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Any new IPO you are buying ? there are so many coming every week.

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Most r expensive.Listing gains hv also reduced .Not sure how many of these ipos i wud like to hold for long term. study ssinfra which is already listed

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Hi Vivek, what are the SME stocks still you are holding?

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Please go through the thread. already mentioned.

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@Vivek_6954 : The half yearly results of Focus Lighting are out.
92 cr sales (vs 72 last FY) & 5.9 cr PAT (vs 4.0 last year).
At 10 PE, the stock continues to look quite attractive(despite the run-up in share price)

Please do provide your take on whether you see the new factory sales kicking in ?
I tried to check the capacity of the new manufacturing facility but couldn’t locate any info on it :frowning:
Do have any info on it ? (as it would help us ascertain the near-term opportunity size …)

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Disclosure: Planning to enter at lower levels , if that happens

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I am betting on promoter mainly n then on sector. will wait till it migrate to main board

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Yes new factory has been commissioned near Ahmedabad recently. PE shud improve further as Focus moves from trading to manufacturing its own branded products. but In SMEs 90% bet is on promoter n rest on sector.Focus seems good in both aspects IMHO

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Sir - Any idea when is the results for Dynamic Cables and Silly Monks.