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(Ramesh kumar) #533

Vivek sir,

Can you please share your present portfolio with holding weight. Also would like to know how to analyse/scuttlebutt in case of sme IPOs.

(Vivek Gautam) #534

Sheetal Cool has nicely run up to 132 vs IPO price of 80 & listing price of 82-90 when it was discussed here.

Co seems still cheap FMCG dairy stock with mktcap of only 140Cr n mktcap to sales ratio of 0.91 r vs huge opp size . Lot of movement to happen to organized from unorganized,increasing power availability will lead to increasing consumption,.SCPL new plant being commissioned,reaching new mkt ,workholic first gen promoter with 70-73% stake in the co & price rise may lead to better margins.

Hope VPers have bought & track it,Views invited from those who track it.

(Vivek Gautam) #535

What a lovely scuttlebutt on Sheetal.helped increase mine conviction. tks a lot arvind

(arunkp) #536

Sir - Any view on the SME IPO - Jhandewalas Foods.
Looks reasonably priced when compared with peers.

(BreakingBad01) #537

Excellent work on SCPL, Dr Arvind. With limited info to go by, this info helped me in initiating a position in 80s. Thank you

(Vivek Gautam) #538

Quality SME stocks created huge wealth in 2017.Will the story continue in 2018?

3 of my recent picks RKEC,Sheetal Cool & Dynamic cables all touching new high from listing day price.Even Worth peripherals

Anyone tracking Brand Concept an Indore based co? Any scuttlebutt on this franchise for good brands like Tomy Hilfiger for bags,AND(Anita Dongre), most welcome.

(AmitContrarian) #539

They own these brands ?
Have you applied for the IPO ? When is the listing.

(AmitContrarian) #540

Hi vivek ,
Are you fully invested ? Just want to know what’s your cash position, As markets have run up a lot should we book profits and keep the cash aside for better opportunity in future.

(rknshah) #541

@Vivek_6954 Do you track ANI? Can it be another Teamlease or SIS ?

(Vivek Gautam) #542

They are the franchise for these brands in certain segments. Whats your view on Concept brand IPO?

(Vivek Gautam) #543

Lets focus on ind stocks n the business performance. Stay invested in cos which are performing & sell which are not.

(AmitContrarian) #544

I think if their own brand Sugarush and Vertical picks up it could be next page industry , Tomy Hilfiger is well known brand they will keep making money from this as well.
Also they should get benefited from Unorganized to Organized shift due to GST.

Although company has reported loss but has grown revenue 8x in last 5 years and Issue was at Mcap of 45 Cr whereas total revenue were 80 Cr.

The management team looks great as well -

(kaustubhkale) #545

Hilfiger is into a JV with Arvind in India.

(jstocks) #546

Hi Vivek, have you got any idea on the following companies: alembic ltd
hb stock
akshoptic and
crest ventures


(karthik810) #547

Hi vivek, dynamic cables seems interesting. is it still value buy.

(Vivek Gautam) #548

I am still invested and continue to hold from IPO & buy on listing. Rationale already discussed earlier in thread.

(Vivek Gautam) #549

Brand concepts listed to day at 20% UC. Seems a decent co with brand franchise available at mktcap of 50 odd crore at ipo when i invested vs sales of 62 cr. New brands being launched.Well educated both first n 2nd gen management.

Seems it cud be available tomorrow or this week. Any scuttelebutt on its products,promoters n business quality n opp size pl?i

(Vivek Gautam) #550

Brand concepts on 3rd 20% Upper Circuit ran up to 77.5 from IPO price of 45 creating huge wealth in 3 days for the lucky allottees or those who bought on listing & yesterday . Today Amar Ambani relative bought nearly 3.78 lacs shares.Seems I was foolish to book profit today.

Guys now study Silly Monks IPO another unique IPO in an upcoming sector of digital media and publishing.Promoter Sanjay Reddy has all characteristics I like ie a first gen workaholic experienced ethical promoter with good execution & in right age of 40s. Some very good Tollywood guys have already invested in the co . Sillytube its channel on Youtube is quite attractive & has good viewership. Discl- Have applied in IPO & may buy more on listing .

(Amit Aggarwal) #551

Vivek, good to see your thought process on SME IPOs. I think we can add more value to the study if we initiate it prior to IPO subscription window and not after when it gets closed. Just a thought.

(Vivek Gautam) #552

With funding by NBFCs n small size of IPOs very difficult to get allotment in SME IPOs and that too a minuscule one if u r lucky.better to explore buying on listing whether Focus ,VSCl,DCL,Sheetal etc.