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Agree with Amit. If possible, sharing info during subscription time will be very helpful. Also can be prepared for buying first day of listing… always thankful to Vivekji for insights on SME stocks

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There is already a thread on that and it was posted here as well. Posting it again for everyone’s reference.


(Vivek Gautam) #555

bought some silly monks with 2 year pt of view .

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RKEC projects has given very good returns with price now at 158 vs buying at 77 to 100 odd price range .Lets hope co gets some new oders in march qtr which will take it to next level.

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An utterly inspiring and fascinating journey of a sme co. pl do watch end to end,

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Pl do watch the video for gettng a better idea abt Promoter Sanjay Reddy of Silly Monks

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@Vivek_6954 Thanks for sharing the video


Vedio is nice and creates hopes for consistent growth going forward. But the comment or confession, if we may call so, by Mr.Sanjay Reddy that he went to NSE with copies of a bunch of IPO applications to manage allotments and the issue manager had finalised as per his algorithms is quite disturbing. Though no damage is done, I wish he should not have done this. This creates doubts about the integrity of the management. Is it not a black spot on the management in terms of corporate governance.

(Vivek Gautam) #561

He was a novice it seems as far as allotment process goes.

Guy seems passionate with good track record taking Zee Telugu & Gemini TV to no 1 from bottom in his earlier avatar. Growth he has shown in terms of subscribers & channel growth when video show begins is mindboggling & co can grow at superb speed.His edge seems to be the exclusive content tieup he has with renowned Telugu & other language Producers of smash hits like Eega,Legend,Bahubali & investment by them in his co.

Overall we need to see his execution .Dscl- Invested in IPO & bought some more on listing.

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How do u manage to get allocation on ipo & listing on UC🤔

(Vivek Gautam) #563

apply in hni category n u cud have bought as much qty on friday as u wanted .i had disclosed my buying here at 141.

(AmitContrarian) #566

Any interesting new SME ipo ?

(suhagpatel) #567

Vasa Retail and Overseas appears good to me. Its in education sector with peers like Camlin. Recently many big shots have entered Camlin. Vasa did not have great financials in past but recovered well in last 1-2 years. With focus on education, i think this should be in good demand.


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Hi Vivek Sir,

Have you check crp-risk-management-ltd sme ipo? did you apply for it ?


(AmitContrarian) #569

CRP risk management looks good to me as well, I checked on linkedin very qualified people work there.

(Rajneesh) #570

Well qualified may be, but are they ethical enough? I have my doubts…check the link

(senthilsp76) #571

Hi Vivek,
In the upcoming SME IPO which one looks good?
Focus Suits Solutions & Services Ltd
Lorenzini Apparels Limited
Sintercom India Limited
I feel focus suits is looking good for long term. Your views please.

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This is owned by MRSS , Those who missed MRSS rally are getting second chance :slight_smile:

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Is the market cap of about Rs 83 cr showed on accurate?

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