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(Vivek Gautam) #513

Dynamic cable listed at 48 vs ipo of 40 today giving good returns. Anyone else holding it and their point of view on it ?

(AmitContrarian) #514

As we discussed earlier, good 20% with upper circuit happened. I will hold as long as this momentum lasts.

(Vivek Gautam) #515

study the co with 2 year pov. best wealth is created when a quality nano cap executes well under good mgmt & opp size is good.atleast make it tax free.why to give so much tax to govt??

(AmitContrarian) #516

Ture, Hard for me to build a conviction. Anyways what do you think about other IPOs coming up ?

(malayruparel) #517

There exists now a dedicated thread for IPO. Check this out

(Vivek Gautam) #518

Today MRSS whose FPO was at 57 & firm allotment uptil 2 lacs in retail category one year back & listed at 70 Rs .

MRSS is now 340 after touching a 52 week high of 400 giving tax free 600% return in a year. Hope VPers who follow this thread have benefited by buying then.

Another example of good wealth being created from the select from IPOs like Dilip Buildcon,Sheela Foam,Alkem,Apex frozen,PSP projects,AU bank and other examples.

Discl- Got firm alllotment in all family acs in MRSS FPO & holding on.

(AmitContrarian) #519

Vivek Unfortunately i came to know about this forum late, MRSS has the potential to be Nielsen’s of the world and another SME stock which has given good returns is Meera Industry.
Disc: holding both of them.

(Vivek Gautam) #520

bought some dynamic cables today with 2 year pt of view

(reachvk) #521

Is the minimum lot for purchasing Dynamic Cables 4000 shares? I placed an order for a smaller lot and it was rejected.

(suhagpatel) #522

SME shares are traded only in defined lots. Yes you have to buy based on the minimum lot defined for a given script else it won’t execute.


(aashu24ahuja) #523

@Vivek_6954 What is your view on 1point1 sme ipo ?

(aerofire) #524

For Dynamic Cables its 3000 shares minimum lot that needs to be bought .

(malayruparel) #525

Its discussed here…

(Vivek Gautam) #526

Dynamic cables gave good buying opportunity today going lower then yesterday closing price ultimately closing at another 20% UC.

But SME stocks are illiquid n proper homework has to be done before buying them . These bets beome v risky until one has right temperament n invests with long term pt of view

(AmitContrarian) #527

Hi Vivek ,

Just would like to know is it good to invest at today’s price of 87 ? How much dividends one can expect from it ?


(Vivek Gautam) #528

I SOLD off in loss at 98 converting it into vscl at 60 in june 17 . Always better to convert your laggards into something better .

(Ram Arvin) #529

Hi Vivek…What is your view on Ajooni Biotech.

(sadiq) #530

Vivek ji ,are you holding ptc finance? It is now at 52 week lows. Dividend yield 4 %.what is your view?

(Vivek Gautam) #531

booked profit in PFS 2 years back & had converted it into manapuram at 36- 40 odd.

(Whipsaw) #532

@Vivek_6954 Have you invested in Ice Make?