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I have applied by taking LAS finance scheme and also applied in individual capacity through my wife’s demat account but still no shares allotted for MAS or Godej agrovet IPO planning to open HUF account now.

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Exactly Vivek…this Sheetal cool products IPO lead manager guiness has created a nice presentation, the website is redefined like trendy, 2030 vision which is too unrealistic and corporate videos in YouTube…these things seems to be too much for a SME company…it seems has if these are all created for upcoming IPO…

Having said this…how do u decide whether to buy this company or not…the business segments are good, high capex investments, improving operating cash flows…can you please provide your criteria to decide and also are u investing in this IPO?


Hi Nimesh,
I have not understood this opening of HUF account. I applied for 6400 shares with the same account I have for trading with HDFCSEC.
Are we not allowed to apply for value for more than 2 lakhs with our regular account?

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what’s b2w operations?

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black to white money

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Just to refresh the memory Dilip Buildcon crossed 800 against the IPO price of 219 & listing price of 240 when I had bought and disclosed here on VP.

Similar has been the experience of PSP projects where IPO price was 210 & it got listed at 190 when I had bought which is now 426 after touching 469.

Seems older infra cos like Gammon,JP,Ramky,IVRCL,SEW have been badly hit by past woes in the sector specially big losses in BOOT projects .The cos which stayed awy from these & focused mainly on EPC projects like DBL,PNC Infra,KNR, RKEC are now having a good time.

Opp size is huge as govt is keen on increasing the spend in infra projects in roads,bridges,ports,Defence, Marine etc and above mentioned cos can have good CAGR & they already have good ROCE.

Views invited.

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Akme star now ruling at 236 (after 1:1 Bonus) vs IPO price of 30 n listing price of 32. We had lot of discussion at that time in this thread on Akme star housing finance.

Akme star has now moved to main board after 2 year of listing at SME.

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What a bull run we continue to have in Indian stock market ?

Quality stocks continue to rise high thanks to superb performance.

PF which was X in 2012 is now approx 12 X

Portfolio up nearly 70% from 31 March 17.

Rationale remains the same as mentioned on my comment on 9 June 2017 but good allocation to aquaculture ,financials,infrastructure & SME sector helped.

I am sure other exalted investors portfolios on this great forum here too would have performed even better thanks to bull mkt & gush of domestic liquidity.

This occasional update helps me monitor the performance of my portfolio.

Whats the view of VPers on how long this bull run will continue?

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I was trying to say as earlier mentioned by Vivekji in this thread that we need to open different demat accounts having seperate pan cards so then chance of getting ipo allotment gets brighter presently i m applying for ipo from my and wife’s demat account now need to open huf account and have to try from few relative accounts

Also if ipo allotment not recd we can purch shares anytime to chase growth story behind stock

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hi Vivek, your thoughts on GIC, got the allotment (wasnt a surprise though)

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What an amazing performance

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Hi Vivek, can you please let me know how to buy SME stocks from secondary market. It does not show up in Icicidirect or Hdfc securities

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Open an account in some other brokerage. I have already shared no of Piyush from Choice broking in this thread only some time back who can help anyone in opening the ac anywhere in India for SME n main board trading.

Pl contact him at 9899624913.

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Thank you very much vivek

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Hearty congrats @Vivek_6954.
It’s a dream run.
Can you share your pf or at least top 4.

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How are you tracking your portfolio value over a period of time? Are you doing it manually or using any of the software or websites that are available? Please advise.

(Vivek Gautam) #442

You can say on NAV basis.I just remember the NAV on specific days and then calculate.

But all credit for rise in PF shud go to bull run in Indian stock mkt thanks to rising domestic liquidity.

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Due to retail discount it should give profit to retail investors.Not sure of its long term prospects.

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Thanks Vivek for your inputs.

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Quality Infra cos dream run continues.Dilip Buildcon crosses 900 today vs IPO @219 .

How is the opp size in marine & port related work ? Whats the Sagarmala project & does it increases opp size for quality smallcap infra cos like RKEC Projects operating in their own niche?

Views Invited.