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Hi @Vivek_6954
1 Can you please elaborate? For mainstream IPOs, only 1 application per 1 PAN allowed for a given IPO. If you apply two times, then both will be rejected. For SME IPOs, there is no such restriction?

2 How does an oversubscribed SME IPO allocation done? Same retail lottery concept like mainstream IPOs?

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  1. With 1 bank ac u can apply 5 diff applications with diff names n PAN no in a main board or sme ipo.


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RKEC projects locked in upper ckt today also at 85.5 vs IPO of 45.

Anyone else also owns or tracks it? Views invited

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am tracking
wanted to buy but lot size is a deterrent. Know a friend who is in the owner’s circle.
talks positive about the founder

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Thanks. Could you contact your friend & share more details about co RKEC & promoter? any USP or moat in company? how is opp size n execution skills?

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Applied in GIC IPO in retail category for 224 shares as firm allotment is assured n discount of 45 rs is there for retail investors

One can still apply till 8 pm physically thru your broker.

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@suhagpatel, can you please share the source of this news?

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Market behaviour has always been intriguing, barring Institutional investors GIC Re is just 20% subscribed under HNI category & 50% of retail,
On valuation front, though no listed peers in the space but comparing with recently listed SBI Life or Lombard, be it combined ratio or Price to Book or Earnings, to me GIC Re’s valuation looks relatively better than those retail insurers,
hard to figure out the reason for such lacklustre response, is size of stake sale the issue or is it the valuation for an reinsurer when compared with global players like Swiss Re or Munich Re?

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@ThinkLong i got the info from one of my sources who deals in IPO regularly. They are normally very accurate with the info they share. However, my current query to him about the additional discount has not got response yet. Deleting my post till then in view of the forum guidelines.


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Sir, listing of godrej agrovet, with 16% CAGR and 23%RONW for 3 to 4 years - having wide range of products & prestigious group & rural theme makes you interested to buy…? Your thought please… Thanks…

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Hi Vivek,

Completely agree​ with your thoughts.
Is it possible for you to share your present portfolio.
I’m sure it will be a good learning experience for newbies like me to understand your progress…


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Godrej is good as specially as they can acquire a co cheap at 8-10 PE & then take it higher. But allocation is critical , Booked profit at 615 due to low allocation in IPO

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Please take the trouble of going through the thread.Several picks mentioned.

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Bought some more RKEC today. valn still ok on fy 18 basis.

Opp size big n superb execution by technocrat entrp.


Hi Vivek,

How to ensure IPO allocation?
I applied in Godrej and MAS IPO with full amount in retail category but I am not allocated a single lot.

I am asking you this because you seem to be active in IPOs and also get the shares.


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In case of over-subscription, it doesnt matter whether you apply full quota or a single lot. Allocation is based on basis of allotment and lottery based on that. You applied with full quota in both IPOs but since they both were oversubscribed you missed out in the lottery. In case retail category is not subscribed fully, you would have got all the share you bid for. SBI life has similar situation.

Hope this answers your question.


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Hi Vivek…Can you please provide your view on the Sheetal cool products SME IPO…

  1. tremendous sales increase and business started making cash from operations
  2. Heavily invested in fixed assets year on year and might be a base for superior revenue generation in future.
  3. Listing at 18 PE
  4. FMCG segment - ice creams, milk products, namkeens…all these products can be rerated if the taste and pricing is good
  5. Lead manager is Guiness…i think this guy is famous for stock price manipulation and was recently stopped from trading by BSE
  6. Razor thin margins
  7. Not sure how authentic is Sales increase.

Can you please provide your view.


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Can you advise me on following portfolio for next three years:

  1. Federal bank (25% as I have very strong faith in new management with change in compensation structure. I feel it has started its journey like of Indusind)
  2. VIP Industries ( 12.5% Strong brand and consumer boom in India will help)
  3. ITC ( 10%-evergreen cigarette business with growing agri business. Strong management)
  4. Power Grid (7.5%- Strong revenue generation with huge transmission network requirements for a country of size of India. Assured return on Investments by customers)
  5. Maruti Suzuki (7.5%- Tried and tested largest 4 wheeler company in India)
  6. HDFC bank (7.5%- Very strong franchise with world class management)
  7. IIFL (7.5%- String NBFC business with company becoming largest wealth management player in India beating global players like Credit Suisse, Citi etc.)
  8. Sintex Plastics (7.5%, good brand recall with stock being undervalued after recent correction)
  9. Mannapuram Finance (7.5%- big network, takeover candidate, secure gold business with good margins)
  10. Dewan Housing finance (7.5%- Cheapest Housing finance company with presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities funding low and mid range housing. Some issues with management)

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Are u comfortable with high Post issue PE? be v choosy in sme ipos. Mostly seem to be b2w operations in guise of IPOs.

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Please create a separate thread of yours & give detailed justification for selecting each of your picks.Then request all interested VPers to respond.