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(bikedi) #385

and HSBC bought another 1 lakh shares yesterday.

I got one lot in IPO, holding it for long term

(Raj) #386

Are you talking about Beta Drugs? Where do you find such purchase information?

(bikedi) #387

no, was talking about Worth Peripherals

(Vivek Gautam) #388

In the meantime few stocks covered in my thread recommended to buy on listing like MRSS which got listed at 120 odd in Dec 16 is now 610 & Sheela foams at 800 odd is 1468 & Apex Frozen food at 202 is now 408,PSP project at 190 is now 361 .Shankara Building at 555 is now 1509,VSCL at 56 listing price is now 131 .

Shows one can get superb returns in IPOs even when one buys on listing day provided one is choosy n selective . Credit also goes to liquidity rush by domestic investors n bull mkt

I bought some Prataap snacks on listing day with a 2 year POV betting on first gen promoter ,good cagr shown & expected in future,Sequioa backing & hand holding,improvement in margins in future .Lets see how it performs. Views Invited.

(Manohar T. Patil) #389

Hi Vivek,

I did invest in Apex Frozen post listing when it corrected a bit (At Rs. 269/-) and in just a matter of week or so, it has reached the levels of 408.

There has been another promising IPO - Cochin Shipyard. Would appreciate your views on it.


(Susindar) #390

What are the upcoming IPO opportunities which we can consider investing?

(Raj A A) #391

IPOs with crazy valuations are getting oversubscribed many times and listed with hefty gains and continue to do well for successive sessions shows bull market frenzy has started showing visible signs. Froth in the air… Caution is requested. Good Luck

(Vivek Gautam) #392

Have a look at MAS Financial with good promoter execution & sector closing on 10 Oct 17.Should give good listing gain for sure .

(Susindar) #393

Thanks Vivek. Planning to apply today. Any more upcoming IPOs that interest you? What do you think about vadivarhe at the current price?


Hi Vivek, How do you invest in SME IPOs? Is there a way to apply online? Thanks,

(Vivek Gautam) #395

Bought some RKEC projects today. Had mentioned in this thread of having applied in the IPO & got some allotments.

Co fits my criteria of technocrat ethical first gen entrp with growth mindset n execution from a reputed business community of andhra Kamma.Mktcap low vs opp size . good valn

Booked profit in Apex due to sharp run up.

(Vivek Gautam) #396

Yes through any of the bank website.From 1 bank website you can apply 5 application in online mode.I use union bank website mostly.But one can use other bank website too.

(Dr Kurian Joseph) #397

From HDFC netbanking we can apply SME IPO online. SBIN it’s not possible.

(Vivek Gautam) #398

Yes SBI website doesnt allow NSE Emerge IPOs but allows BSE SME listed IPOs. I had applied in MRSS ipo through SBI only

(Whipsaw) #399

Can I ask why 5 applications for a single IPO? Does it increase the change of allocation?

(Vivek Gautam) #400

yes. now with 15 k rs first preference norm one has to have more is also v convenient

(Saurabh) #401

@Vivek_6954: Sir, have been following you in this thread for almost 1 year. Must say, you are an inspiration and a genius in SME segment. Whatever you touch has been turning to gold, be it MRSS, Sheela foam, VSCL or Worth peripherals.

Request you to start a thread on dissecting these SME emerge companies. It would be a great learning experience for all of us.

Considering myself a high risk taker, I have invested in Chemcrux enterprises which is listed in BSE SME segment. Do you have any idea about this or can you guide me on this investment ?

MRSS - Niche Market Research play
(Vivek Gautam) #402

SMEs are v risky space. Liquidity v poor. one has to be v careful in these cos. big losses can also come v quickly

(aditya modi) #403

your views on Innovative tyres please Vivek sir.

thank you.

(Vivek Gautam) #404

Not tracking please.