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(Vivek Gautam) #324

One should always attend AGM not only for interacting with mgmt & tracking co progress but also for networking with fellow passionate investors.

I was lucky enuf to meet with a HNI investor who came all the way from rajasthan to attend the AGM. He holds page Ind,Eicher,GRUH & Tasty Bytes for last several years & they have all been big multibagers for him.His being holding & present in Sheela Foam AGM itself is a positive sign on quality of company & prospects.

SFL sufferred from 2 unforeseen severe setbacks after IPO in form of DM & unprecedented rise in TDI the main RM. Now addl stress due to dealers destocking in last qtr due to GST as already warned by co. But TDI price has come down from peak of Rs 320 to 230 per kg augurs well. Plus upcoming new facility of TDI in Saudia should keep the price on hold.SFL shud be a beneficiary of GST even though GST has increased the taxation for them by 2-3%.

All in all I feel its a lambi race ka ghoda due to its brand,distribution,ethical mgmt & R&D. Discl Invested since IPO @ 775.

(Santosh Dave) #325

I found the same on our WA Group with ref to comments on CNBC however not able to verify. Another good news is with foreign investment limit increase.

(Kumar Saurabh) #326

No doubt about runway for sheela foam vivek jee but timing of ipo was perfectly planned with respect to raw material prices if you see past 4 years of gross margin.

(Vivek Gautam) #327

Yes in hindsight that seems to be the case. last year June qtr TDI prices it seems were at rock bottom .No wonder co went ahead with IPO in worst of DM time

Whats your take on Sheela foam,promoter & sector as such?

(Aniket Gore) #328

Thanks for the update Vivek!

(rknshah) #329

I like SFL promoter, Vivek, they are technocrats. Bullish on SFL and play on un organized to organized shift in foam biz. The new tech and GST shd help them in saving logistic costs. concerns r Oz biz which isnt scaling up.

(chetanb) #330

Focus Lighting on continuous lower circuits with huge volume on saleā€¦halved from the peakā€¦ whatā€™s happening? any clues?

(chetanb) #331

After this post, it opened at upper circuit of 153.90 and is one way down hill since and is at 104.85 now.

(Vivek Gautam) #332

We need to focus on earnings n results & not be afraid of volatility in shareprice.

Discl- Holding to all Focus stocks

(Santosh Dave) #333

Vivek ji,
Sintex Plastic is listing today.

(Vivek Gautam) #334

Sintex plastics EPS 7.7 fy 17 . It cud be an interesting buy @120-25 tomorrow morning.

(JKS) #335

Ended in LC today @ 123.5 (unless things change in the next 13 minutes)
Disc - new entry in PF

(Santosh Dave) #336

Expected as people who accumulated Sintex Ind. for Sintex Plastic would be in hurry to grab listing gains. Will be more clear once 10 days are over for trade to trade.

Disc- Inv. at 136 on UC

(Kumar Saurabh) #337

Vivek jee, like the sector, duopoly business. Customer not compromising on health n back pain issues n going with brand .However , I felt one canā€™t do valuation on the basis of best case scenario playing out on TTM basis, so, I tried to value mote on last 3 year average from margin perspective . Found too pricey . No second doubts about the runway available for growth .Did not do any further research post that . Still waiting to come in comfort zone n planning to do some preparatory research work in free time to jump if get an opportunity .Key areas to research will be to get a sense of pricing power, business strength from working capital n payer receivable terms to distributors n suppliers n corporate governance plus how it stands against the other big one

(Kumar Saurabh) #338

Also m poor at finding future scope for any sort of operating leverage but may be a 10 year historic glance with events n capacity addition n related margin lifts could guide .

(newrb) #339

Vivek, how much portfolio allocation (%) would you normally do for a nano cap like Focus Lighting?

(Vivek Gautam) #340

Focus type of investment should be an option type of investment. Small bet.

(bvr007) #341

Vivekji, your view in Apex frozen food IPO pleaseā€¦ As Shrimp business dominated by avanti righnow in listed spaceā€¦ Thanks.

(Vivek Gautam) #342

I will wait for qib n hni response.anchor investor quality was OK.

(Mridul) #343

Itā€™s listing in t segmentā€¦so no gmp?