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The main Whatsapp group was disbanded after the last big meeting due to legal liability concerns. If at all people are meeting, they are doing it in their friend circles etc.

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Its been quite some time now that we had an investors meet…
Any updates??

(unmesh_d) #153

Nothing planned as of now. I am busy a lot these days & rarely find free
time. We havent even conducted a small meet at starbucks which were
conducted fairly regularly. If anyone wants to take the lead, please do.

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Please do not share your phone no and/or email id on this public forum as it can be misused. One can directly send messages to the group admin or group member for request. All the city group forum threads would be closed. All those who have put their nos on these threads are requested to remove them for their own safety. Until the whole thread is cleaned up, it will remain locked. So please do not request moderators to open the thread, instead please ask your group members to do all the clean up work individually.

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No one should post their mobile no or email Id. All should send private message to the leader of the group. Group leader should ensure this discipline for the safety of members.

(Kshitiz Gupta) #159

Hello All,

I would like to thank the admin for re-opening the ValuePickr Pune thread.

My name is Kshitiz Gupta and I am planning to organize an investors meet for Pune folks in the month of February 2018.

  • This will be a paid seminar since the venue would be MCCIA,SB Road,Pune. (In case anybody can know of a free venue (school / college) with a decent seating capacity and projector then please do PM me.)

  • I have still not finalized on the dates and the speakers.

  • If you are interested then please vote Yes or No in the below pollo that I can get an approximation of the count.

  • Also please vote for a topic that you would like to hear about.

Please note that I am not creating any whatsapp or google group as of now.

  • Yes, I would love to attend.
  • No, may be next time.

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  • Commodities and Cyclical Plays
  • Which Investment Strategy suits me ? (Value / Growth / Momentum etc.)
  • Stock Picking and Behavioral Finance
  • Mutual Funds vs Direct Equities

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(Rahul2015) #160

hi @kksshhiittiizz any update on the investors meet?