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Name : Nomi Mathew Varghese
Mobile :

(unmesh_d) #118

Guys, dont post mobile number directly in forum. Its open to entire internet & marketers have used these numbers to call for marketing financial products.

Delete the post & post your information in Signup form for Pune Investors Whatsapp Group & Meetups

I have messaged Kartik to add you to group. If he is busy for next few days & is not able to add your numbers to whatsapp group, enter your details in above form.

(unmesh_d) #119

I am thinking of next meetup .
Topic -
‘Inverted learning - What not to do, learnings from my mistakes’
+ ‘How I decide on %Portfolio allocation & how I position size’

3 speaker will present on above topics. Each one will explain their mistakes & how they Position Size & decide % Portfolio allocation.

These things are rarely discussed, yet they are primary source of wealth creation & wealth preservation.

Individual Investors will get idea of how they can better manage their own portfolio & also avoid some easy to spot mistakes while investing.

This can be more practically useful session than just discussing companies.

Whenever Mandar & his friends take a workshop on accounting, after that company specific meet ups could be useful. Unless accounting concepts are cleared up, company specific sessions won’t be useful.

There after we can organize the mega full day ‘Value Investing Meetup’

(unmesh_d) #120

As soon as I find the speaker who would like to share their experiences on above topic, I will update the forum & also the whatsapp groups.

(Rahul2015) #123

Any updates on the meetup?
Lets meet before this financial year ends :slight_smile:

(unmesh_d) #124

We can do informal meetup at any park or cafe, we have done a bunch of these.

But for formal meetup need good speakers/industry executive who can explain a sector.

General investing topic related meetup wont be of much use to all participants. Many in group already are well versed in general topics.

Company specific topic presentation will be of limited use, but we can go for it if most members want such presentations.

Other ideas I had for meetup are on backburner due to non availability of concerned speaker/member.

I am open for suggestions & would really appreciate participation from members who will like to organize & get good speakers from their contact list for meetup.

(Gaurav Bhagwat) #126

Let me know whether this group is open to new members. I would like to join and contribute.

Best regards,

(unmesh_d) #127

Group is open. Fill following form. I will add you to group.

(unmesh_d) #129

Pune Investors Group 2nd meetup

Open Forum - Financial Statement Analysis & Valuations

Open forum discussion under guidance of Mandar to solve queries in Financial Statement Analysis & Valuations.

Mentor - Mandar Chapekar
ACA & CFA Charter holder.

16th April 2017
10am - 2.00 pm
Venue - 505, A-Wing, MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC Complex, 403, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune

Admission charge is calculated on assumption that only 25 seats will be booked. In case entire 50 seats are booked - Admission per member will be reduced to Rs. 155, rest Rs.150 will be refunded

Registration Link:

(unmesh_d) #131

July 2017 Meetup
Date: 13th July 2017 7pm - 10pm
Venue: MCCIA - Senapati Bapat Road
Speaker: Rajeev Thakkar
Fund Manager - Parag Parikh Long Term Value Fund
(Detailed Introduction Link)

Topic: ‘I dont know’

It was a really interesting talk & presentation.

Main points covered:

  • Importance of understanding that we are operating in world where many things are uncertain but still decisions need to made & executed.

  • Betting on a system which has positive expectency

  • Importance of Rule Number 1

  • Understanding nature of equity investing i.e. Asymmetric Returns & its implications.

  • Finding best bets - Asymmetric Investments (rare opportunities similar to getting a free hit after a no ball)

  • How to construct an Asymmetric bet

Meetup followed by dinner.

An extraordinary & a memorable session.

(unmesh_d) #139

Pune Investors August Meetup

Images & PPT link

Speaker: Niteen S Dharmawat @ndharmawat . He is Independent successful Investor & is in stock market for several years and has made his own set of mistakes while seeing bull and bear markets. His blog & twitter account has good following in Indian Investing universe & he is well known in Investing Community of Pune & as well as all over India.

Date: 20th August
10.00 am - 2.00 pm

Topic - This was an experience sharing session covering stock screening criteria, methodology, the ways to avoid traps, important consideration to identify stocks & several case studies.

Slide/ PPT :

An amazing session with enthusiastic response on a rainy sunday.

(unmesh_d) #140

One Pune Whatsapp group with about 250+ members has been deleted.

Till there is clarity on law for admin & clarity of their role & legal responsibility, being admin will eventually land him up in jail, if any member posts anything inflammatory.

I was under the impression that its a well settled law that admin will not be held responsible for posts of other members, but I received below article link yesterday & suddenly risk flared up.

Eventually someone will do something wrong and downside due to someone else’s action is too much from admin perspective.

Hence deleted the whatsapp group

Kartik @kartik.nibjiya runs one group. Please connect with him if you want to be added to whatsapp group.

For meetup related announcements, we will use mailing list. If anyone wants to get added to mailing list, send me your email id in a direct message.

Dont post email id in reply to this thread.

(chets) #141

One option would have been for you to join the group as a non admin… This would work if the other admins in the group didnt have an issue with the above post.
Deleting the group without discussing the above topic is too drastic a step.

(Sachin) #142

Or just make everybody the admin and each one of us would have been responsible for his own act. Indeed it was a nice group.

(unmesh_d) #143

Expense report for 20th August Meetup.

We are planning to start a google + communities, its in beta stage right now. Advantage of G+ communities is ability to moderate content before message is posted on community wall. This will help to deter positing of communal / hate posts.

(HG) #144

@unmesh_d Hope the community re-connects again soon. It was a good active group.

(msprabhu) #145

@unmesh_d: Hi Unmesh, I would be happy to connect again when the new group/community is formed.

(suhagpatel) #146


I am a new investor in stock market and has been following ValuePickr from sometime now. This is my first post.

Missed the session of ValuePickr Pune forum. Please let me know if we are planning to meet again and how can i join the group. I would be happy to join.


(Bheeshma Sanghani) #148

Hello people

As i understand this group meets only when there is a speaker organized. I am not sure whether there have been informal meetups. Regular meetups would add value to the collective know how of the group through collaborative learning and it would be a good practice to keep informally meeting up on a regular basis to exchange notes and share them on the forum for broader consumption.

Do let me know your views on the same


(suhagpatel) #149

Nice idea. I am new to the valuepickr forum and would love to meet interesting folks in Pune to be more familiar with the community and exchange knowledge.