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Same here. Form filled but not received confirmation…awaiting

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Which form have you filled? There wasn’t any form circulated for the event. Only instamojo link was circulated, whose quota had exhausted within 7 hours. Kindly dm me with the link.
Edit: I just checked submissions given made in the form given in the original post. And both of your name is there. That form is for becoming part of group. Not for the event. For every event, link is shared separately. I’ll be adding you guys to the group in a while. Was busy in managing activities for the event, so couldn’t check the Google form for the past few days.

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Ok @UtkarshP it is very glad to see such a forum. I already filled the form. I am also interested in investor meet on 19th march, if possible.
if not possible i will wait for next meet to come

by the way
thanks for starting forum
add me in group as well as inform us

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Understood…thanks Utraksh

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Hello - any possibility of one more addition against cancellation - if any
. Thanks

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Please find below some of the notes from the meeting. While most of the information was mentioned on ppt, below are some of the relevant ones notes by @ankysam.

Errors in investing by Puneet:
a) Avoid unwanted errors (detailed errors provided in slide) and that’s a good enough strategy
b) Negative knowledge is more potent than positive (implying that positive may or may not yield returns but negative will surely ensure losses)
c) Book recommended "Capital Returns"
d) Some common errors include - too narrow circle of competence (don’t take the great investors too literally)
e) Usually, low P/B and P/E companies are bad to invest into
f) Be cautious of new competitors entering the business
g) Key things to study before investing - Auditor of the company; how genuine they are, etc.
h) Key thing to look at is the debtor profile; compare it versus the industry leader’s debtors profile

Second session by Ashish Kila (
Most of his content was straight from the presentation on website link:

Identify moats:
a) Network effect, b) Cost advantage, c) Intangible assets and d) Switching costs

a) Prefer companies who are less dependant on government orders
b) Cloned portfolios of the likes of Ramdeo Aggarwal, Bharat Shah, etc but continue to hold my bias which may or may not be aligned to their picks (such as Spice Jet)

Haresh Nagpal

a) Dealing in unlisted or delisted shares is extremely risky. Cited enough examples to show how illiquid and unpredictable the market is… Money is surely to be made with the likes of issues like Ratnakar Bank but its a very risky domain with very limited info
b) All the research and paperwork needs to be done by yourself.
c) Risk reward has declined after the new rule by Jaitley to tax any transaction that has capital gain (even in cases of delisted shares where no STT is paid)

Panel discussion (don’t remember exact names as to who said what)

a) Companies with good RoE will never reward you well. As its likely they are already well identified and cited by everyone
b) Risk arbitrage techniques can help shore up returns - this includes special times like buyback etc
c) Mgmt turnaround can be a big play look for signs like Second Generation promotor, good hiring (and pay scale by company), subsidiary merged, etc

Some moments from the meet.

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Have filled the form. Pls add me to the group. Am from West Delhi.

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Hi Utkarsh,

Have filled the form via given google link. Please add me in the group.

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Have filled the google form, please add me to Whatsapp group

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Hi, Please include me also.
Thank you

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Filled form. Kindly add me also to the group. Thanks & Regards

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Is the meet in delhi happening again? When and which place? I would also like to be part of it.

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Whenever meeting will be announced, you’ll get the intimation on this thread.
Requesting everyone to stop sharing their numbers on this public thread. Fill the Google form given in the first post and you’ll be added to our whatsapp group.
Also, I have been noticing many people residing outside of Delhi are also sharing their numbers here. I won’t add them to our whatsapp group.

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Finalized agenda for our next meet. @aveekmitra will also be present at our meet. Detailed agenda is as follows.

Aveek Mitra - Stock Ideas and Way forward for markets.
With experience of over 20 years in the stock market, Aveek is one of the senior most investor in Delhi. His experience is certainly useful in determining where we are in the market cycle. He will speak regarding his recent stock ideas and the areas where he believe maximum wealth creation will happen. Investors will also have the chance to interact with him on and off the stage and also get useful tips for success in the markets.

Pradeep Prakash - Moving out from Trading mindset to investing mindset and accelerating learning curve.
Pradeep is a behavioral science expert. He is a leading behavioural trainer, coach and consultant in Organisation Change with wide range of experience in Financial Investments, Entrepreneurship and Transformational Consulting. Since his particular area of expertise involves behavioral science, he will guide people who are trying to get out of their trading routine or the people who have experienced unusual churn in their portfolio. In this bull market, it’s easy to get carried away with next best stock idea and leave your area of competence and venture into uncharted territory. His expertise will help us develop mental models for the good times and bad.

Manish Dhawan - Momentum Investing- Is it a Oxymoron or Is there any alpha?
Manish Dhawan calls himself a curator of worldly wisdom, behavioral economics, psychology, cognitive biases causing human misjudgment. One of his area of interest is Momentum Investing. It’s a relatively under researched area. He intends to impart few basics of momentum investing and how an investor can make use to various tools to accelerate their portfolio returns.

Saket Lohia - Don’t Press that Sell button YET! - When NOT to sell.
Saket has been one person who works hard for the benefit of investing community. Be it collating annual reports or concall transcripts or helping fellow investors in their endeavor. His past presentation on how to profit from insiders buying was deeply appreciated by the investing audience alike. He has learned massively by working under some of the marquee investors in India and that’s why we called upon him to express his views on “When NOT To Sell.”

Use the following link for registration:

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Thanks Utkarsh for your initiative. Please count me in .

I have also filled the google form via link.


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Hi Utkarsh, I have filled the google form. Please add me to the group.

Also the link says that tickets for the event are unavailable, are they over already?

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Hi Utkarsh,

Can you please upload the presentation of last week investor meet which was organised at Delhi.


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Hi Utkarsh ji ,
I was bit late to book the ticket for the Delhi meet ,Could you please share the group learning and if you can prefer I request for sharing presentation during the meet by the seniors and investors ,if any and presentations with the forum though I have selfish view however in fact it will help the fellow VPs

I can suggest if it is possible can you generate separate threads for

  • Stock Ideas and Way forward for markets initiated with PPT of Our Senior Aveek Mitra Ji which help other to understand market cycle and its effects .

-Moving out from Trading mind set to investing mind set and accelerating learning curve : it will help others to understand the behavioural impact of investing to enrich with experience of Pradeep Prakash ji’s Financial Investments.

-Momentum Investing WITH FOCUS ON psychology, cognitive biases in human misjudgement insight from Manish Dhawan ji

last but not he least most important aspect of investing when to sell or When NOT to sell by Saket ji

thanks in advance with kind Regards

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Hi Guys, do you have a meetup in Delhi this weekend?


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No meeting I am aware of this weekend.