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Please do not share your phone no and/or email id on this public forum as it can be misused. One can directly send messages to the group admin or group member for request. All the city group forum threads would be closed. All those who have put their nos on these threads are requested to remove them for their own safety. Until the whole thread is cleaned up, it will remain locked. So please do not request moderators to open the thread, instead please ask your group members to do all the clean up work individually.

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I have opened up the thread. Group leader please ensure that no one shares their contact nos/email ids on the thread.

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hello All! happy to have stumbled on this thread. . i just registered / filled up the google form. … . when’s the next meet; is there any defined periodicity to the meets?
. . . someone pls advise.

regards to all!

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Thanks for tagging me, just a kind gesture in arranging location for knowledge sharing anytime ready for it.

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Hi @UtkarshP I had filled the form few months back but wasn’t sure if it got submitted properly so have filled it again. Just wanted to check if my details have been recorded? Thanks

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Hi @UtkarshP, please add me in the group including whatsapp. I have submitted form in original post. Thank you.