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waitng for update FROM THE MEET

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Good Evng Valuepickr Delhi Group,

Its a nice idea Mr. @UtkarshP, Lookg fwd to being part of the group.It’ll be a nice exposure for all new members to VP family.
I’hv filled Valuepickr Delhi form (…) & let me knw if thr’s any prerequisite/T&C.

Plz feel free to contact me.


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Please add me to the group. Added my details in Google Docs as well.

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Highlights from the last meeting

@Saket_lohia gave a presentation on Steel Strips Wheels. He also demonstrated how investors can have follow insider buying by promoters from the market, where he focused on how one can track buying and selling of shares by promoters of many company in a single excel sheet. (I can put up a video demonstrating that if anyone here is interested). Steel Strips Wheel limited – A Research on Promoter Buying.pdf (2.9 MB)

@niraj_valueinvestor Then gave an amazing and very detailed presentation on Motilal Oswal, comparing it with the earlier days of Berkshire. presentation-on-motilal.pptx (732.9 KB)

Our third speaker @borapratik03 couldn’t attend the meeting due to unforeseen circumstances but he was kind enough to share the presentation he had prepared for Kiri.Kiri Industries_November.pdf (557.8 KB)

@aveekmitra As always enlightened the audience with his experience in the market. The specific contention of his discussion was how to manage your portfolio when your investment thesis goes for a toss and when to cut your losses and when you should hold on to your investment in the face of bear market. He was also very generous in answering many queries that were asked by the audience concerning wide array of investment related topics.

Demonetization being the flavor of season, senior banker from our group @indrajeet100 was the one to took the stage next. Many thanks to him for conducting an impromptu session and resolving various queries by members regarding banking industry in general.

Our last speaker Ashish Kila (not a ValuePickr member…yet) was a surprise guest. He’s been a student of Sanjay Bakshi and now manages his family portfolio. He shared his current portfolio and also gave an insight into his investment philosophy and valuation method being used by him.

Thanks to all the members who attended the meeting, took their time out to give presentation and speakers who conducted impromptu interactive sessions. And last but not the least many thanks to @yuvrajvalue who helped us in getting an alternate venue on very short notice in the face of last moment cancellation of venue booking.

Apologies on such a late update but since all stocks are on December sale, I hope you guys won’t mind it.
That’s all for this quarter, see you in next one.

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Good presentation @Saket_lohia

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Superb presentation @niraj_valueinvestor. MOSL is amongst my top 3 holding.

One important point I want add for MOSL is Aspire Home finance has changed the entire dynamics of their business. Broking/Asset Management is a very high cash generating business. Earlier they used to invest those surplus funds in their own Funds, thus resulting in poor consolidated ROE. Now with Aspire, with suitable leverage, they can invest their surplus cash at a higher ROE. This shall result in gradual increase in their ROE, and make their business grow at a faster rate.

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Hi I would like to know how you can track the promoter buying, can you share the video link sir? It will be very helpful in learning

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How to find out when insiders of a company are buying shares from open market
As requested, I have uploaded the video.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time for make the video, it has helped me a lot in tracking. Thank you once again

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You can also check here:

Didn’t see the video, so don’t know if this is covered there.

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I’d like to be a part of VP Forum. Not very net-savvy. Our economy is in the threshold of a quantum jump. Need to value pick. HOW?

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Thanks @Subhashnayak_19 … Glad you liked the presentation, MOSL is one of my core holdings too with top allocations. Been tracking this company for good time now and feel last 2-3 years have seen it move beyond the traditional brokerage house which it was known for. Also, your point on Aspire is absolutely bang on. They started with Aspire with the right strategy and now ready to push the “High Speed” button in terms of the increasing the loan base. With the new incentives kicking in and renewed focus on housing for all, the opportunity is huge for everyone.


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Niraj - Nice presentation! More and more Indians are transitioning their savings from physical assets to financial assets. MOSL should be a direct beneficiary of this trend. As they get more inflows operating leverage would kickin.

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Hi Everyone,

Love this forum and the ideas shared by everyone. Its high enrichning, especially for someone who is relatively new to the investment world.

Can you please add me to the whatsapp group as well.

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I would love to be a part of the group here. I started my investing career right after I finished college. It’s been three years and I’m learning every day. Please add me to the whatsapp group, I have filled the Google Form and submitted the details.

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Please fill the form provided in the original post and avoid posting your nos. here on this thread.
Thank you.

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Can someone post a WhatsApp group invitation link on this thread.

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Fill the form given in the first post. You’ll be added within 48 hrs.

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Agenda for the next meet. Focus on enhanced learning rather than stock ideas.

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Hello Dear,
I have filled the forms , yet to receive the confirmation invitation for the 19th event.

Sanjay Chowdhary