ValuePickr Delhi

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Count me in too.

(skpharswal) #63

hi utkarsh ji
count me in as well

(Ravi Duggirala) #64

Good Initiative Utkarsh…

I am from Roorkee but would love to attend the meet! Also count me in for any volunteering needed in planning for the meet up…


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Count me in too

(Ashish Kumar) #66

Please count me in as well.


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I Agree with Mr. Mitra. For an informal event, the whole expenses would be gobbled up only by intros of so many people.
The top contributors (and moderators, if any from Delhi-NCR) have to show leadership here… While, the agenda can be forged, here, on the forum, some sort of structure has to come from the senior members.

(Gaurav152) #68

Great Initiative…Count me in

(Jitender Singh Mehra) #69

Hello Utkarsh,

Do count me in.


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Hi Utkarsh, count me in pls. I have just filled in the google spreadsheet as well. Thanks


Hi Utkarsh
Kindly count me in as well.

(Utkarsh Pandey) #73

Valuepickr Delhi is going to hold it’s first meeting on 27th August 2016. In case you want to attend, please contact at the number given in the agenda for the location of the meeting.

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Count me in.


(neerajjain123) #75

I am lucky to discover this group today. Please count me in. I want to attend meet on 27th Aug

(Sahil Taneja) #77

Can someone please share the highlights of the meeting for the benefit of those who could not attend.

Thanks in advance.

(Utkarsh Pandey) #78

Valuepickr Delhi had it’s first meeting on 27th August,2016. Below are the few glimpses from the meeting.

The meeting started right on time and was attended by 41 members. Meeting began with the introduction of fellow members and then we moved on to special session by @aveekmitra , who told us about his investing journey and what he learnt from it. He told us how over analysis may not be the best thing to do. After that he also took questions from inquisitive members.

Another special session by @Vivek_6954 gave amazing insights into his way of gauging management ethics and integrity and also told us about the importance of allocation in the portfolio. He also took many questions from fellow members.He told us about his experience of trying to catch a falling knife.

At the end of the meeting we complied a list of stocks that members like the most and the same list is reproduced below.

Due to time constraints there was no discussion on structure of future meetings but members decided to keep the frequency of Formal meetings as quarterly. All the informal meetings will be spontaneous and without the agenda. And matters decided in Informal meetings will be taken up in Quarterly meetings.

I would like to thank @Donald for his words of encouragement and for this amazing platform due to which all of this was possible. I would also like to thank fellow member @kums17 for helping us arrange the venue for the meeting and @masonicinvestor for arranging snacks and refreshments for the members. And last but not the least, I thank all the attendees and members who have expressed their interest in this initiative.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work” and we have just begun. There is loads of work to do before we sleep, miles to go before we sleep.

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Please refrain from posting your number on this thread. Instead use the link given in original post to get yourself added to the group.


As folks who have taken the initiative for organising ValuePickr Delhi off-line meet-ups, we hope you have noticed the important communication on subject

1.Please confirm that you have taken the first step. Renaming the WhatsApp group to not use ValuePickr (words, logo,byline)

2.Please create a closed (invitation only) Google doc/Excel ASAP (if not already existing) and share that with folks here (after updating already existing user contact details) so this thread is not vulnerable to spammers. But new members can continue to join the initiative.

All members who have posted in this thread-
1.Please ensure your contact details are updated with above folks, and then self-edit your posts to say something about yourself, interest areas, professional or domain expertise and anything else you may want to add (ignore, if already done), but most importantly make sure you delete your contact details floating around for spammers.

2.Please comply with this house-keeping request latest by 1st Oct, 2016 and help us keep VP a clean uncluttered, value-additive space

It is in this groups interest that group members identities and profiles are well established to help increase your TRUST CIRCLES. Newer members have an incentive to reach out naturally to folks one resonates with, and create a self-reinforcing loop.

Seeking everyone’s co-operation. Non-complying member posts will get automatically deleted from 2nd October, 2016

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I have filled the google form for Delhi forum ,
Please add my number in Delhi group
I want to attend these meetings .


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Filled up the Google form just now.

Request you to add me. I am from Chandigarh.



(Ghanisht Nagpal) #98

We are meeting again on the 27th of this month! Anyone in delhi who wants to join can fill the google form link given in the original post to send their information. Utkarsh will be posting agenda and all other details soon!