ValuePickr Delhi

(ravijain88) #41

Count me in.
I can take few sessions.

(Mmaurya) #42

Count Me in.
This would be of great help for sharing knowledge.

(Kushal Masand) #43

Would love to be part of it.
Please pm for the required details or my email id is [email protected]

(Rajat) #44

Hi Utkarsh … I would love to be part of this group. Have been a passive member since last few years here but now want to get more active.

(Sahil Taneja) #45

Count me in.


(Love Mangla) #46

Count me in :slight_smile:


(Mukesh Verma) #47

Hi @UtkarshP,

Suggest you start collating details of the members who are willing to be part of this group.

(Utkarsh Pandey) #48

Waiting till evening. Then I’ll start the process. And with consensus we will decide first informal meeting date. :slight_smile:

(saurabh) #49

Hi… I would also like to join in…

(Gurjot) #50

If there are more than 10k VPers, I believe there would be hundreds of VPers from NCR.

At the moment, only 40 odd members have expressed their willingness to be part of this meeting but I believe any group meeting of more than 25 people must have some structure and agenda to make the best use of time.

We may start with an informal introductory meet but post that, a lack of formal structure will lead to poor productivity with such a large group. Not sure if anyone else also shares this view.

(Novice Investor) #51

Great initiative Utkarsh…Kindly count me as well…


(Naman) #52

Thanks Utkarsh for taking the initiative. Would love to meet the VP team in NCR…

(Niranjan0808) #53

Great initiative… Please count me in :slight_smile:

(Rajendra Badoni) #54

Mr Utkarsh, a good initiative. I am from Ghaziabad but will make to attend the meeting. Include me in the group.

Rajendra Badoni

(Bobby Mehrotra) #56

Hi Utkarsh,
Count me in as well.

(Aveek Mitra) #57


Yes it seems number is too high for an informal meeting… It would be completely unproductive if 10 + people meet without an agenda… I initially thought there would be 5 - 10 people.

My only submission is to keep stock idea discussion to minimum and rather to focus on who follows what principle and process in selecting his stock picks…?? We all are different individuals and bring very different skill sets on table … And since we all are following VP, we must be having some conscious / unconscious principles which we follow for an investment decision … It would be interesting to know these varied perspectives of so many able minds…

These are just my musings ---- It is entirely up to you all to collectively decide what you want to get out of this gathering.

(aadhar.aggarwal) #58

@UtkarshP please count me in

(Sarthak Batra) #59

@UtkarshP Count me in.

(rajput.delhi) #60

As someone suggested earlier, informal meeting might be a good start. We can add an open house session where one can talk about whatever he is comfortable with - process, stock, trend, etc. as long as the core philosophy of VP is followed…separating the wheat from the chaff. And since everyone may not have the time to talk we will need to find a way around this. Alternatively, to add more excitement to the meeting, we can even choose a common theme like - “The stock I like the most”. Whoever wants can talk for 3-5 min and we can skip the Q&A to save time.

Views welcome.


(Ghanisht Nagpal) #61

Lets just meet up, Introduce ourselves and how we invest, Rest we all know what will happen if we throw in 60 investment enthusiasts in a room together.