ValuePickr Delhi

(TT) #21

Interested in this initiative.

(Dr. TarunDS) #22

Count me in as well.
Kudos to the initiative:)

(Vivek Gautam) #23

Count me in as well. Its a pleasure to know so many new VPers in Delhi

(sunnysachdeva) #24

would request seniors like @subashnayak_19_ @aveekmitra @Vivek_6954 to guide everyone for the agenda/discussion/road map for the meet

(daman gill) #25

I am currently in Canada but would be in India in Nov. Iā€™m from Punjab but I would love to connect with fellow VP 'ers.

(Ghanisht Nagpal) #26

Count me in on it too bro! Amazing Idea.

(saras) #27

Good initiative, Utkarsh. Count me in.

(Jagbir Singh) #28

Fantastic initiative! Iā€™m also in.

(MG) #29

Thanks for the initiative Utkarsh
Pl count me in

(Vidur Chhabra) #30

Count me in too! Looking forward to it!

(rajesh27) #31

Count me in! Very good initiative.

(Utreja) #32

I want to be a part of this

(JatinK) #33

Good initiative. Count me in.

(amritashu) #34

Awesome initiative. YMCA Tourist Hostel in Central Delhi is a great idea.
Count me in please.
[Email] [email protected]

(intinno) #35

Great. Count me in please.

(Rounak) #36

Great initiative.count me also . Nice exposure for a student like me

(Savishesh) #37

Interested. Kindly add me also. thanks !!

(abhimakk) #38

Please include me as well, I am new to VP family and still learning.

(avdhesh) #39

hey Utkash great Idea.
and thanks for initiative.

just one question.
Newcomers to the investing are allowed? As they have nothing good the teach the seniors.

If yes please count me also.

(Siddharth) #40

Hi Utkarsh,
Count me in as well.