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(Matt1985) #619

Hi there - can we have ebit / ev ratio? Thanks


(Changu Mangu) #620

Dear @Matt1985, That is already existing in screener.

Please search for: Enterprise Value to EBIT
And it’s complementary ratio: Earnings yield

(Parthgarg) #621

Hi, can you please post some examples as well.

(Parthgarg) #622

Hi, If you want then you can check your ratios or create new ratios by following these steps:

First click on the tab “View Your Profile” given on top right.
Then click on “Your ratios” tab given on top center.
and there you are, now you can edit or make new custom ratios.

I hope this helps.

(Changu Mangu) #623

Dear @Parthgarg

Is this what you mean? Hope so :slight_smile:

(Parthgarg) #624

Yes, screener does provide that Ratio already but if one wants then he can always create his own ratio as well.

(Saurabh G) #625

10 Year Financial Ratios are also provided on stockadda quotes page. e.g. : Avanti Feeds - Stock Page
But screener is more customisable and has an unparalleled screening parameters.

(yourraj) #626

Hi there
How one can download expanded form of data of any company

Cash from Operating Activity
Profit from operations
Working Capital Changes
Taxes paid

Cash from Investing Activity
Fixed Assets Purchased
Fixed Assets Sold
Capital WIP
Investments purchased
Investments sold