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(prashbglr) #510

Is there any way to fetch Provision data from I dont see it shows how much provision was made by any financial company.

(pradeep200417) #511

I found such issues for some other stocks as well.

(phreak) #512

@calminvestor - I noticed that the TCI Rapid X-Ray template was using Row 42 in Data Sheet containing quarterly sales for calculating Receivables days and Inventory days when it should be using row 17 containing Annual Sales. Just thought I should let you and others using that template here know.

(distilled_feni) #514

feature request in case if others too feel it might be useful
Ability to blacklist/ignore stocks which will prevent them showing up in screens.

(Parthgarg) #515

The difference in the data is coming due to excise duty on sale of products (129.9 in Qtr March 17). Screener removes the excise duty/gst from the sales turnover to make it comparable with the previous years as well as with other companies.
This is also required as per the latest reporting guide lines.

(saurabhshares) #516

Thank you very much.

I wish there is a feature in screener that for each stock I can maintain some sort of notes personal to me.

(yourraj) #517

Is it poosible to find sector wise trend in screener ? if yes How and if not can’t it be made however compriion f related companes helps a great but comparing with sectoral or with index wil defenately help the VPs …can this feature be made available ?

(Parthgarg) #518

screener does not support unlisted companies currently.

(Parthgarg) #519
  1. You can add your own companies for comparison by clicking on “Add Detailed Comparison”.
  2. You can create your own ratios and models and develop your own template and upload it using export to excel feature.

(Parthgarg) #520

screener automatically detects the relevant set of numbers between the standalone and consolidated statements. By default it automatically detects the consolidated numbers unless the standalone numbers are more recent and substantially material.

if you find anywhere where screener picks standalone numbers while the consolidated numbers should have been picked then do let us know.

(Parthgarg) #521

Industry PE and Historical PE are currently disabled and will be enabled soon.

(MHS) #522


Please check for Apollo pipes( Amulya leasing)
Its picking Consolidated figures - I believe Standalone figures are real nos. as on now.

(nipunmohta) #523

Are you involved with I thought only @pratyushmittal and @ayushmit look after it.

(Pratyush Mittal) #524

Hi Nipun,

@Parthgarg has joined us for summer training. He chose answer user queries and learn how to calculate various financial ratios :slight_smile:.

(Parthgarg) #525

We are preparing an update and re-link the PBT field. This should fix this case. Thanks for the detailed error reporting.

(nipunmohta) #526

Thank you for the information. @Parthgarg Could you please take a look at the issues I have opened and provide resolution if possible :

Thank you!

(Parthgarg) #527

I have answered all the queries at there respective threads.

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #528

Hi @Parthgarg

A long standing requirement in screener is the display of trade payables as a separate number. Do try and see if that is possible to further enhance the utility of an already super resource.

Also the separation of reserves into its individual components like reval reserves etc would be great. Many cos have revalued their fixed assets like land post ind-as

There is also a need to show goodwill separately esp for cos with a long history of acquisitions.

Do look into these aspects if possible

Thanks and best of luck!

(Varun) #529


it would be great if NPA numbers for finance companies and banks are provided.


(aswin) #530

Does the excel sheet downloadable from screener show ‘Gross block’ or ‘Accumulated depreciation’? I couldn’t locate it; hence asking.