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(rvetri) #490

Yes Bhavesh

Try this…

Net Profit latest quarter> 1.5* Net profit 2quarters back AND
Net profit 2quarters back > 1.5* Net profit 3quarters back AND
Net profit > 1

It should give correct results. “Net Profit” is the net profit of the
trailing 12 months. That was the error you made.


(tbhavesh) #491

Thanks Vetri.

Running your query, still does not work. It throws 146 stocks. .

At #4, we get Diana Tea which does not meet the query criteria. Dec Qtr NP is 3.22 Cr and Sept Qtr NP is 5.43 Cr.

At #9, we get Kriti Neutrients which again does not meet the criteria. Sep NP is 3.0 Cr and June NP is 3.16 cr.

Can you please help? Thanks once again for your help.

(rvetri) #492

Try this. It works. Missed the previous q equation earlier

Net Profit latest quarter > 1.5Net Profit preceding quarter AND
Net Profit preceding quarter > 1.5
Net profit 2quarters back AND
Net profit 2quarters back > 1.5* Net profit 3quarters back AND
Net profit > 1

(tbhavesh) #493

Thank you so much Vetri

(Jayatu) #494

Can any one please help me how to run screener query on consolidated results only

(Ekta Upadhayay) #495

This is my first post being a new member of your team. Though I am using for long time I need your help on few points:

  1. doesn’t list all the peers. So better company may get skipped.
  2. For template part, Sir valuation based on dividend model or cash flow is there?

(Kesavan) #496

Hi, Whether there is any provision in screener to upload xml statements from XBRL Annual Financial statements filed by unlisted companies and download the details in the pre-determined excel format we have set for the profile.

If yes, could you please guide …

(Sunray) #497

Hello @Donald, @ayushmit, @pratyushmittal

I have a question regarding the income statement. If you could clarify, it would be wonderful.

I downloaded the excel sheet for Ramco ( ) from Screener and noticed something odd (see snapshot)

For the March 2017 numbers pretax profit is displaying as 79.45, however after tax it displays as 204.75. If you notice, this mistake is also true for the prior years of 2015 and 2016. This bug seems to be there in the TTM numbers as well.

Thanks, Sanjay

(sushildarveshi) #498

Another awesome feature in screener implemented. Thanks @ayushmit, @pratyushmittal & @Donald for developing screener

(linuschoudhury) #499

There is a info called “Expected to give good quarter” in Pros section for some of the stocks. Is there any possible way to sort the stocks based on this criterion.
Or is there any other way to decide which stocks can give good quarter through screen?

(nipunmohta) #500

Basis their expected quarterly numbers, I had created a ratio by the name of Expected Quarterly OPM. You can put the below query to find out companies who are expected to post better quarterly OPM as compared to their latest quarterly OPM :

Expected Quarterly OPM > OPM latest quarter

These expected numbers were already present in and to read about how they are derived you will have to search through this thread or read through tweets of the developers @pratyushmittal @ayushmit

And if you are not looking for Quarterly OPM but Quarterly Net profit then you can use the below query

Expected quarterly net profit > Net Profit latest quarter

(linuschoudhury) #501

Thanks a lot, really appreciate your help

(akash123) #502

Hi friend , we are facing same to same issues in multiple scrips … even old years figures mentioned show up as incorrect there

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #503


the nos match with those put out in AR. The difference is due to the Share of Profit / (Loss) of Associate amounting to 14,944.72 lacs. I guess screener doesnt have a field for that. Rest seems to be ok

(Sunray) #504


Thank you, Bheeshma, very much appreciated. Will check in ARs as well.


(sushildarveshi) #505

@pratyushmittal - Check out below whenever you get time - Sanwaria Consumer Cash Flow

in AR

(Sreekanth) #506

@pratyushmittal Is there any custom filter on the works where one can compare metrics of companies within the same industry and also input queries by selecting a particular industry?

Thanks in advance

(saumya) #507

Do anyone here has success using Mac numbers application to create file in xlsx format and using export to excel function. I have been getting error

Error 500: Whoops! Something has broken down.
Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a server hiccup.
Our engineers have been notified, so check back later.
You can also help us by describing the problem here.

(saurabhshares) #508

Why are quarterly numbers of CASTROLIND wrong.

Example reporting Mar 2017 sales as 882.20 cr
whereas if you directly see the announced results it is 1012.1 cr

Why such mistakes. what is the source of your data?


(pradeep200417) #509

There seems to be some problem with the Dividend Amount for MAR-16 and MAR-17 for Balmer Lawrie & Company Ltd.
It seems to be coming as blank in the Downloaded Excel in the “Data Sheet” sheet.
But in the UI it seems to be showing values.