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(phreak) #531

I second this as well. Some of us prefer to calculate working capital as Receivables + Inventory - Payables instead of Other Assets - Other Liabilities as Screener currently does. Having the Trade Payables in the Balance Sheet would really help a great deal as that’s one of the reasons I have had to hunt down Audited balance sheets from the exchange/company at present.

(Parthgarg) #532

It is currently not available but will try to include in future updates.
Thank you

(Peabody) #533

What is G factor? and how it is calculated in Screener

(vishal kumar) #534

Kudos to team once again…Now New GUI looks much better…
Please bring back simple peer comparison.


(Sarabjeet Singh) #535

Exactly, that multiple peer comparison was really useful. Please bring that back.
rest is all good.

(kkarimyusuf) #536

Please please bring back the original peer comparison with newly added feature of including specific companies!!

(Parthgarg) #537

Hi @vishal_lehar @zoro99 @kkarimyusuf

We will add peer comparison old feature in our next update.


(yourraj) #538

New interface is really good , However missing the detailed content under expence and sales section .I Can’t it be rolled in the new avtar of screener … regards

(EL) #539

1+ request for the original peer comparison. That section was really good. Without it, its more or less same info on bse website and other websites like moneycontrol

(EL) #540

Besides I think investors per se are not so much concerned about presentation as much as the information itself
The original format and everything was perfect.
I would appreciate more selection criteria, for instance list all banks or all steel companies, based on their bse classification
I know classification is not 100pc accurate and some companies are in multiple sectors but its almost 70-80pc correct

(Parthgarg) #541

Hi Raj,

Expense section is shown same as the previous version, but sales section is currently being worked upon and will be available soon for all the companies.


(Sarabjeet Singh) #542

What I have found is few sections which display detailed data once we click and expand them on screener ( Fixed assets, Other Assets , Borrowings and cash flows) , this data is the one which dont appear in exported excel. Maybe you can include all of them in next version.

(Parthgarg) #543

Hi Sarabjeet,

Your request has been noted and we will look upon it.


(karan5987) #544

@Parthgarg - The new UI looks great. I am wondering whats coming up on the Feature button. Can you please add backtesting a screen feature as well.

(MHS) #545

@Parthgarg also add the PE ratio graph/chart, similar to price graph/chart - reference is

(Peabody) #546

Marketcap 3 years back does not work-all comes NaN.Also PE ratio chart will be very useful

(dkanagar) #547

I keep getting “502 Bad Gateway” when i try to save query. Does any one facing this issue? I face this issue mostly when i have multiple conditions in the query.

Advise is greatly appreciated.

(rvetri) #548

Yes. The bad gateway error happens periodically, not always

(raajpallav) #549

Any thought about the provision of following items in screener

  1. Providing the graph for 10Y, 20Y and then max option
  2. Being 2008 as a carnage / bottom comparison year for many stocks we will be missing it by 2019, hence expand the 10 year to 20 year data for P&L, BS & CF statements
    3.Categorizing in to multiple buckets for the Screens section. Now its a freeflow of different Query parameters of users. Based on type of investor types , Value formulas etc…

(cathene) #550

Please add charts where historical price to earnings and price to sales and other user ratios can also be represented on GRAPHS which will be infinitely useful.

Also along with annual reports if INVESTOR PRESENTATION is also made available below it, it would be immensely useful for all of us.

One more request would be to add query to sort companies based on the results announced date. This may look a bit trivial but based on my understanding the quicker the result is out the lesser is the manipulation of data. (sterlite tech has already released the result of Q1 2019 whereas Akash optifibre has recently launched the Q4 presentation. Not offending any company over here but just for illustrations purpose. Valuepickians do your own due digilence before investing in any stock).

Great work by the screener team and with the new UI it is beautiful. Thanks a ton for such a beautiful artwork.