REPCO home finance

(nil_71) #649

One Red flag for me they invested small amount in MFIs. Given that they are already suffering from high NPAs, not sure why they r streching again

(Vamsi Krishna) #650

Do you have any specifics on it? Why is it a red flag?

(nil_71) #651

Given the spate loan waiver and state of existing MFIs, do you think Repco will achieve something different !!! Thanks God- there is no loan waiver announced in TN yet officially

(Pankaj181) #652

Hello Sir,
I would like to know in which site I can get NPA, GNPA, ROA , ROE of all Finacial companies like Banks, NBFC, Housing Finance.
Thank You

(Ankit Kohli) #654

A useful update on the land registration issue and other challenges that Repco is facing.

Disclosure: Invested

(Susindar) #655

Good read. Dewan, Indiabulls and PNB HF looks ahead of the pack in most metrics as per the report. Happy that I hold all three of them.

(Chirag) #656

Good results from Repco Home finance!

(nil_71) #657

Repco is a cos, investors should not judge Q on Q basis since 60% of its loans to Self Employed, it always gets lumpy payment. Yes - Annual Performance is a must have requirement

I think Results are pretty good. Both GNPA & NNPA have come down

The faster Repco, reduces its dependence on TN, the better. It is still 61.2%

(khushi) #658

Stock has corrected significantly in last few days. Now available at 52 week low.

Results look steady, but NPA slightly on higher side and provisions doubled on YoY basis. Still looks better at this price.

In last four years the stock has been trading in a P/E band of 18 to 35.

Currently the stock is trading around 19 P/E.

Looking at the stock Price since December 2014 till date i can say that the stock has a good support zone around 540 - 520 levels. The stock can find resistance around 700 - 725 levels.

Refer -

I feel downside is limited and upside there is lot of scope. For me it is a good buy for medium term at these levels for 25 - 30% returns.

Views of senior members invited.

Disc : Not yet invested but looking to enter soon around 500 - 525 levels.

(Sandeep) #659

You might be technically correct. But what about the concerns of rising bond yields that is expected to affect all the NBFCs?

I think that’s the reason which has impacted all the NBFCs recently.


The title is Another Gruh in the making. It has been 5 years since the start of the thread and still, there is only one Gruh Finance. Not easy to recreate Gruh.

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Case has been closed on the ground of ‘mistake of facts.’


It was doubtful case from the start. It looked like someone was taking out his grudge.

Disc - No holding

(Chirag) #664

When you say “someone”, do you mean some investor or govt official or Repco’s client?


I recall there was one complainant who was an ex-employee.

(Anindya) #666

Good set of numbers from Repco. GNPA and NNPA down to 2.87 and 1.29 from 3.7 and 2.05 in Q3.
Roughly 20% growth in Sanctions and 30% in disbursements Q-o-Q (Q3 FY18 vs Q4 FY18).CBI Case also closed.Q4 FY18 PPT.pdf (1018.4 KB)

(Anindya) #667

Looks like Company has not received the CBI letter yet.

(nil_71) #668

Pabrai fund invested in Repco. Letter in BSE Site

(adi16in) #669

He seems bullish on HFC sector finally. His columbia business lecture is worth watching.

(abhishekshete) #670

Hey Nil -

Could you please share the link to the video referred?