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My concern on Repco is it is operating on pretty thin spreads (as per last concall spread on incremental loan book were around 2%, though it is higher on full book) and while it would be able to pass on increases, there is lesser margin for error. Also concerned about whether loan quality in newer markets is as good as the TN market, this may be an issue with a lot of the newer entrants.

On plus side, problems in TN which is 60%+ of loan should be getting sorted and with fall in price it seems quite reasonably priced but it doesn’t have any moat that would make it stand out in a volatile/falling market.

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Anyone know whats the LAP percentage of total portfolio for FY18? Can’t seem to find it in their FY18 AR…

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Hello, anyone knows the reason behind recent fall in the share price of Repco finance? I looked on the web for any news related to Repco but did not find any recent articles that would justify the fall. Thanks


Pabrai funds has sold 563208 shares today in NSE and 385327 in BSE.

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All HFC shares have a fallen because there is a fear that HFCs have a Asset Liability Mismatch