Realtime Alerts for BSE Corporate announcements

(ketan) #82

Looks like the sheet is not shared. Can you please share it again.

(Paresh Patel) #83

Here is updated google drive link, earlier one had a some problem.

(Paresh Patel) #84

NSE provides Feed, you can get it here, only concern is delay in updates.

(Rizwan) #85

Dear, @PareshPatel

error while executing send email function in updated bse alerts sheets
Error: Not enough arguments (line 54, file “Code”)

line 54 ---- var url = Utilities.formatString(‘’, code)

In the earlier version of the script i was not getting any error while executing send email function


(Paresh Patel) #86

Hello Dear, I checked and working fine. but you can remove the code and paste this code. (this is second version )

function alertEmail(){
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheets()[0];
send_message(watchlist(sheet), announcements(), sheet);

function send_message(wl, ann, sheet, accessToken) {
const data = Object.keys(wl).reduce(function(prev, curr){
if(Object.keys(ann).indexOf(curr) > -1 && (wl[curr].last_update < ann[curr].timestamp || wl[curr].last_update.length === 0)) {
pushbullet(wl[curr].symbol+" - "+ann[curr].notice, ann[curr].notice,ann[curr].pdf, “”+curr)
prev.push([wl[curr].symbol, curr, ann[curr].timestamp])
} else {
prev.push([wl[curr].symbol ,curr, wl[curr].last_update])
return prev
}, [])

function watchlist(sheet) {
return sheet.getRange(“A2:C”).getValues()
.filter(function (x) { return x.filter(Boolean).length !==0 })
.reduce(function(prev, curr) {
prev[curr[1]] = { “symbol” : curr[0], “last_update” : curr[2] }
return prev
}, {})

function announcements() {
return UrlFetchApp.fetch(“”).getContentText()
.match(/<td class=‘TTHeadergrey’.?</td></tr>.?</td></tr>/g)
.map(function(x) { return x.match(/<td.?>(.?)</td>/g) })
.map(function(x) {
return (y, i) {
switch (i) {
case 0: return y.replace(/<.+?>/g, “”).split(" - ")[1] // BSE Code
case 1: return y.replace(/<.+?>/g, “”) // Notice Category
case 2: return /http.*?pdf/g.exec(y) + “” // Notice PDF URL
case 4: return date(y.match(/(\d{2}/\d{2}/\d{4} \d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2})/g)[0]) // Timestamp
case 5: return y.replace(/<.+?>/g, “”) // Notice Text
default: return “”}
.reduce(function (prev, curr) {
prev[curr[0]] = { “category” : curr[1], “pdf” : curr[2], “timestamp” : curr[4], “notice” : curr[5] }
return prev
}, {})

function pushbullet(title, notice, pdf, link) {
var body = notice+"\n\n"+link+"\n\nAttachment: "+pdf;
GmailApp.sendEmail(Session.getActiveUser().getEmail(), title.substring(0, 250), body);

function date(string){
const d = string.split(/[/\s:]/g).map(Number)
return (new Date(d[2], d[1]-1, d[0], d[3], d[4], d[5])).getTime()/1000

(Rudresh) #87

I am unable to edit it. Can you please do the needful

(Paresh Patel) #88

Just copy and paste above code.

First save excel sheet using copy file function and change code as mentioned in original post.

(Rudresh) #89

You meant sendEmail in#7 instead of alert email as i don’t see any alert email in the drop down.

(Sarabjeet Singh) #90

@PareshPatel its giving an error in line 9 while I try to update the sheet with above code

Line 9 is

pushbullet(wl[curr].symbol+" - "+ann[curr].notice, ann[curr].notice,ann[curr].pdf, “”+curr)

Error displays:

Illegal character. (line 9, file “Code”)

Also, I don’t see AlertEmail option, Should we use Alertbot instead ?

(Rudresh) #93

I am too getting the same error with the renewed code provided.

(Sarabjeet Singh) #94

@PareshPatel , any update on this buddy ?


Thanks @PareshPatel for the code working flawless and easy to track my watch list

(adi16in) #96

MarketATP is another good option to get email notifications for your selected favorite stocks. Currently it works only for BSE and is free to use.
I got this info from Twitter and currently a user. Pretty happy.

(anikum) #97

How do we set market ATP? Pls help

(adi16in) #98

Its now a paid service. I dont use it anymore. I now use BsePlus, just register and create watchlist. You should see all the updates on your dashboard.

(Gaurav Agarwal) #99

Is BsePlus, real-time? How quick is the update? Does dashboard gets update as soon as result is announced by the company?


(adi16in) #100

I assume it’s real time as it’s Bse website.

(phreak) #101

Crossposting my solution on this thread as its relevant here.

Push Notifications without installing apps - works on desktop as well as mobile.

Instructions here -

Hope its useful.

(amit anam) #102

Hi, facing login issues since last couple of hours.


(arunkp) #103

Is it possible to search if a particular investor has bought / sold shares from the BSE / NSE site.
I can it we can search company wise. Dont see option to search by person name.