Realtime Alerts for BSE Corporate announcements

(MeetSugat) #62

Can we choose keywords to get update ?


@MeetSugat there are 2 types of Zerodha integration. First, Trade buttons and second API integration. Currently, we are with a former option which costs nothing. Later is in the process (for automation purpose) costing 2k per user.

And yes recently, we had added that keyword functionalities where users can add keywords like FDA, bags order, jhunjhunwala etc to get instant alerts whenever these keywords are matched in any BSE circulars.

We are also coming up with automation of trades through kite connect API enabling trades within couple of seconds of announcements appear on BSE website.

(amil) #64

Hi guys, does anybody know how to “Search” BSE announcements (say within
last 1 year or 6M or 3M) with certain keywords and NOT specific to any
company? E.g. “scheme of amalgamation” “FDA” "investor presentation"
etc? Thanks

(shabeer) #65

hai amilshah, You can search BSE announcements on

(Storyteller) #66

Hi Sunil, This is to say Thank You and to express gratitude for making bsealerts available
for usage for any one and every one who would wish to. It has made a difference to my days as an investor. I registered recently, at the start of this results season. It has taken a lot of pain out of tracking 15-20 companies. I have added a couple that I am not invested in but are on my radar. This tool returns a part of my day to me…:star_struck: What Fun!

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Alternative for BSE CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT with Instant Notification

I have created Automated Telegram broadcast channel where one will get all the BSE announcements on real-time. (Max delay of 3-4 minutes in case of any issue)

For those who are not aware about Telegram, it is similar app like WhatsApp.

You can search channel by Company name or type of announcement or by date as we do in WhatsApp for finding relevent information.

Purpose of creating this channel is to get Instant notifications with minimum delay between BSE upload time and notification time. (Most Critical)

I just kept minimal information in channel, Example notification message will be

"COMPANY NAME: ANNOUNCEMENT TYPE (result, resignation etc.) and URL."

Secondly, This helps in reading 15-20 updates in less than 1 minute so one cap keep track on maximum corporate announcement.

This channel is OPEN for ALL and FREE for the lifetime* with unlimited updates, so by spending less than 15 minutes time in a day you can keep track on hundreds of announcements.

I am not programmer so based on my limited learning and features available on Telegram, I will try my best to add some features where one can search it by different keywords like ‘Bonus’, ‘Dividend’, ‘Stock Split’, ‘Results’ etc.

If you have some programming knowledge of Telegram and wants to help VP Community, feel free to message me, let’s create one feature rich tool which will be open to all, without any limitation and of course FREE.

P.S. @Administrator : Please let me know if you find any violation of our VP Policy, I will be happy to delete it.


(Gaurav Agarwal) #68

I think you channel just post all the notification from BSE website to Telegram. Their is no filtering mechanism to view notification ONLY from companies one is interested in.

Correct me if I am wrong!


Is it possible to add the description, PDF link to the circular?

(Paresh Patel) #70

Yes Gaurav, Currently no filtering mechanisa is availabel, but I am trying to create one ‘bot’ which can notify based on your watch list. (I am not sure when it will be ready.)

(Paresh Patel) #71

Description is removed just to keep content Minimal, so if someone is interested can click URL, This helps in saving time.

Direct PDF URL is good idea but it requires detailed description which is not standard practice by BSE. but i can try to incorporate it.

(Suneel) #72

Is there anyway to get realtime mobile price alert, available for free?

(James Sebastian) #73

This is very useful and it helps to keep track different announcements.
But of late, the messages getting mixed up.
I noticed one email with a total different tile, but alert was about another company which I am not tracking.
I emailed support with details.

(aumashankar) #74

Hello @PareshPatel

Thank you so much for creating announcement app. I just joined all of the groups on Telegram
As a developer, just curious how we are getting this data from BSE
Are we scrapping data time to time? from here

(nabilmoideen) #75

Great initiative.Appreciate the efforts.

(Paresh Patel) #76

Finally Good news, by using Google Sheet you can have instant email alerts of BSE corporate announcement for your portfolio and watchlist stock.

Refer Google sheet (link below) where you required to enter BSE code (e.g. 505050) and Google finance NSE code in column A and Column B. Column C will get updated automatically. You required deleting other names since Google has limitations for email. (100/day) so use it wisely.


  1. Copy Google sheet to your google drive.
  2. Open it and add required company code and NSE Code (remove rest of the BSE and NSE code)
  3. Now go to Tools menu and click on Script Editor.
  4. In Script editor, Go to Run menu and Click on Run Function > Alert email.
  5. It will ask for permission to connect your google sheet, Google drive and Google app script account to generate and send automatic email updates, Give permission.
  6. Go to Edit menu and Click on “Current projects Trigger” in Script editor.
  7. Select trigger as ‘alert email’ and Select ‘time driven’, ‘minute driven’ and select your preferred minute setup (1 min, 5 min…).
  8. Enjoy Free Corporate announcements.

Link for copying Google sheet.

Special Thanks to @Saket_lohia and Mr. Vishnu Reddy for helping in polishing code. Very Special thanks to @uptickr. It wasn’t possible without your help.

Next FREE Projects,

  1. Automatic email alerts for bulk/block deals.
  2. Price trigger alerts for portfolio stock.

(Saket) #77

Great Efforts Sir :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for sharing with us!

(James Sebastian) #78

Dear @PareshPatel,

Thank you for the great initiative.

However, once I implemented the script, I noticed the email is triggered more than once. Yesterday, one of the notification from IBULHSGFIN I was continuosuly receiving emails, probably 30-40 times. Later I got an message as well

Error Message Count
Timeout: (line 29, file “Code”) 2

Start Function Error Message Trigger End
5/13/18 10:30 AM alertEmail Timeout: (line 29, file “Code”) time-based 5/13/18 10:31 AM
5/13/18 3:05 PM alertEmail Timeout: (line 29, file “Code”) time-based 5/13/18 3:06 PM

Thought of notifying you.

(Paresh Patel) #79

Thanks a lot sir for feedback.

I got similar feedback from one friend.

We are trying to find bug in the code and hopefully by end of week, we may have solution ready.

Again thanks for feedback.

(Paresh Patel) #80

Hello Sir,

Updated code in excel sheet, requesting just open link given in earlier post, copy script from the excel sheet by going to Tools >> Script editor and paste it in your sheet.

I tested it for two days and bug is fixed now.

(kartik.nibjiya) #81

Is there any tool for NSE Alerts ?