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Not price monitoring but the recovery shown today shows high demand for this stock. It recovers pretty quickly after even minor falls.

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Between the two its a close oneā€¦u r right. V Guard is slightly cheaper on valuation front ( if one adjusts for 45 cr of exceptional brand building spend they had set aside for q4 fy 18 )ā€¦but not by much.

Since I had previous positions in V Guard and it had corrected, so I just bought some more.

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This is an interesting oneā€¦it has the potential to disrupt and expand the 3 wheeler and intra city taxi space in India. Lets see how it goes.

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Thanks Ranvir. I tend to agree with you.

But what may set VGuard stand apart would be management integrity. The promoter and his sons are known for it in the state of Kerala. They were from humble origins.

Havenā€™t heard anything good or bad about Havells management. Does anybody know more about Havells management


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I have never heard anything bad about management integrity at Havells.
Used to track it actively 5-6 yrs ago.

Just an observation - They are very aggressive when it comes to business expansion and do not shy away from large acquisitionsā€¦which is not bad. It had back fired once - when they bought the European Lighting Giant Sylvania which they later had to exit as they could not turn it around.

I dont see such fears wrt Lloyd"s consumer Durables Businessā€¦its an opinion.

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Same reason for my holding of vguard also :slight_smile:

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Bought some more V Guard due stock price correction and my assessment of sound business fundamentalsā€¦although I could only manage a small quantity due cash shortage.

Disc: 100 % invested in equity. No FDs, Gold or Real Estate.

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Thank you Ranvir for sharing your wisdom and thought processā€¦

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Disc: Bought TVS Srichakra at CMP.
I Think its resonably valued. So, took the plunge.

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