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(ranvir dehal) #101

Some bouts of activity on the eve of Diwali-

Complete exit from Hawkins - Converted to Hero Motocorp.

Complete exit from KVB - Converted to Lupin.

Plus some additional buying in HDFC bank…so its allocation would increase marginally in overall portfolio.

(GSApte) #102

@ranvir, That looks interesting to me.

I am also of opinion that, with increasing EBITDA margins and R&D expertise, Hero Motocorp seems to be good bet from 2-3 years perspective. I am not convinced to buy at current CMP but looks promising story.

Also, adding LUPIN at this stage seems sound judgement looking at its current past 2-3 quarters though valuations look on higher side to me.

Adding more to HDFC Bank in these tough times looks logical. If there are not much opportunities then HDFC twins are good candidates to invest. This seems only bank in India with fundamentally sound business model, and sustainable low NPA(s).

Disc: Invested in HDFC Bank only.

(Ajith) #103

@ranvir If I may, what are your reasons on your complete exit from KVB? At P/E of 9 ish it still looks attractive.

(ranvir dehal) #104

@ajithganesan…wrt KVB, the problem that is there was reasonably elevated levels of restructured assets ( although not alarming ). But at the same time the loan and deposit growth has significantly reduced as compared to what it was 3-4 yrs back. Plus CASA growth was also sluggish.
Therefore I decided to bite the bullet and convert to LUPIN which had has descent correction.

(kapil1301) #105

Hi @ranvir your Pick Jyothy Lab is going great gun and is unfazed in this downturn.
Although i hold only miniscule quantity but just an update that I have been seen Maxo mosquito repellent in in My home Town Bhilwara in Rajasthan.
Also in Gurgaon I see Pril and Maxo quite frequently in My office and friends Home.


(ranvir dehal) #106

@kapil1301…Oh yes, JLL has been quite resilient. But I guess, it is because there is a pending Henkel-JLL deal which has to materialize before 31 Mar 16, in which Henkel has the option to buy upto 26% in JLL. So that is keeping the stock price resilient. And if the price at which the deal is struck is good, it can even move further.

On the operational performance front- Exo, Maxo, Pril and Henkomatic are showing encouraging signs.

(ranvir dehal) #107

Just a portfolio update- In the recent fall, managed some money and bought additional quantities of Lupin, GCPL, Emami, HDFC bank and Exide.

So, small portfolio allocation increment in these stocks.
Timing- About 10 days back. Sorry for late discloure.

(ranvir dehal) #108

Just Posting my Latest Portfolio-

Bajaj Auto…2630…3.6%
Hero Motocorp…3280…4.6%
V Guard…120…3.8%
Century Plyboard…220…4.8%
Aarti Industries…522…3.1%
Akzo Nobel…1820…3.8%
Godrej Consumer…645…8.1%
Jyothy Labs…250…4.5%
Bajaj Finance…300…6.5%
Bajaj Finserv…1730…4.7%
Hdfc Bank…1340…5.1%
Torrent Pharma…1240…2.3%

In capitals are the recent buys.


(ranvir dehal) #109

Disc: Trimmed my stake in Bajaj Finserv by 0.8 % ( of overall portfolio ) and converted it into INDUSIND bank at cmp.

INDUSIND allocation gross allocation now up at 5.5 %.

Ranvir Dehal

(ranvir dehal) #110

Sold torrent pharma, Bajaj Finserv, Hero Motocorp , Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finserv at cmp as on 22 Dec 17.

Converted to INDUSIND bank, HDFC , HDFC bank and Finolex cables.

New allocations-
HDFC - 7.5%
HDFC Bank- 7.5%
Finolex Cables- 3%

Happy that TVS Srichakra and Goodyear are doing well.


If you don’t mind can you please share the reason for Torrent Pharma? I have a holding and despite pharma not doing great at the moment, I expect Torrent to do well. They have strong presence in domestic market and not solely dependent on US since they have presence in LATAM and Europe.

(ranvir dehal) #112

Torrent Pharma is indeed a good company. Selling torrent was more of an emotional decision than a truly rational one. I was a little scared of USFDA , especially after Lupin got some beating.

So, that’s the reason.

(ranvir dehal) #113

And u r dead right about its performance in India, LATAM and Germany. Totally agree.

(ranvir dehal) #114

Disc: Added Marico, Emami and Dabur in the recent market fall.

Plan to buy more of these and Finolex cables if mkt falls further.

Reason- Strong trends in rural recovery…evident from super strong tractor and two wheeler sales. Therefore, FMCG volume growth is expected to be strong going fwd…and leading upto 2019 gen elections

Ranvir Dehal