Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(rkrish1) #145

Thanks a Lot VP Team

(Chethan) #146

Congrats Value Pickr team… very well done

(Arti Rungta) #147

Super Excellent Work. Thank you Vimal and Pratyush.

(Sam) #148

Excellent stuff Vimal and Pratush. Thanks Donald!

(Naman) #149

Excellent work Donald, Vimal, Pratyush…thank you very much! :+1: :smile: :smile: :+1:

Look forward to years of learning together with you guys!! :memo:


This product is really wonderful…Thank you VP Team…

(Hamir Asher) #151

Great job done … keep up the good work … now the site has a refreshing look.

(Binu) #152

New VP forum rocks, the features, ease of use, ability to view last message quickly, copy/paste of tables - everything is awesome.

The Valuepickr story so far is amazing, the hard work behind the new site (and old platform) is remarkable.

Sincere thanks to Vimal @vml & Pratyush @pratyushmittal

Binu Raj

(Bhakthi) #153

Thanks to Vimal, Donald & Pratush.

(Milind) #154

Thanks a lot to Vimal and Pratyush.

(Hardtoget) #155

You guys rock-------& wow it does show on VP, thanks Donald for being the visionary that you are & a big thank you to all the seniors who have been there .

(Pratyush Mittal) #156

This is overwhelming with 150+ replies. Thanks a lot everyone from @vml and me.

@Donald Bhaiya, I guess we can unpin this thread now :smiley:.

(Ramesh kumar) #157

Thanks Pratyush and Vimal for this amazing work. Looks like the space is lively once again.

(Sagar Saxena) #158

Just made my first post on the new ‘ValuePickr’ Forum.The posting experience is much better now & the problem of handling higher traffic seems to have been overcome commendably.Though,it will take me sometime to get used to it. :smile:

Great going guys & a big thank you for re-building this fabulous platform.Cheers!! :smiley:

(Manish Vachhani) #159

Very humble response but need this thread to continue at least for few weeks. :pray:

(Rupesh Tatiya) #160

Absolutely wonderful redesign of the web interface. Congratulations Vimal, Pratyush and rest of the team (the invisibles).
Thanks for your hard work :).

One issue I have is (always an issue :P), Crtl + Home and Ctrl + End does not work now for me. as in Ctrl + Home - does not take me to the top. Can we fix it somehow?

(Vimal) #161

I agree with Pratyush. The response has been overwhelming.

@rupeshtatiya : Try just Home and End, without the Ctrl. Should work. Also make sure you are using the latest version of “Google Chrome” browser. Some features may not be available on other browsers. Google Chrome is available for both desktop and mobile. Definitely dont use Internet Explorer :smile:
Mileage may vary with Firefox and Opera.

(Raghav) #162

Hearty congratulations to @vml & @pratyushmittal for a job excellently accomplished!!
It takes people with passion to do something like this - my respect & humble thanks to you two and the team. Hope you had awesome fun doing this!
I’m a relatively new member of VP & I must say that you have added some color to the forum now :slight_smile: … it looks lot more colorful, inline images/graphics look great.
still getting used to the new format of the site. I hope rss feeds would still work. look forward to learning from the giants & participating in the forum.

(Donald Francis) #166


Great work…
Kudos to the entire Valuepickr team.
Pratyush has always been an unsung hero…