Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(Ishaan Gupta) #168

Good work Vimal Mathew and Pratyush Mittal! Love the new interface.

(Atul Garg) #169

Vimal / Pratyush,

Congratulations on this wonderful platform. Though very little time I have been able to spend on this new platform, All I want to say, it is Awesome. A very well thought out platform for the purpose it serves.
Thanks a lot for all the hard work you have put in to provide us this wonderful functionality.



The brand new valuepickr forum is very good. Congrats Vimal and Pratyush.
Kudos to Valuepickr Team for completing 5 years and creating many informed investors.

(Manish Vachhani) #171

Request to upload your photo as many would love to see the guy who helped building this new platform.

(Snehal Dani) #172

Three Cheers for selfless contribution of Vimal and Pratyush in providing renewed vigour to Priceless site of Valuepickr ! Donald also deserves pat on back for his immense contribution to The Art and Science of Intelligent, Productive Investments.

(Jagbir Singh) #173

Finally able to see the new VP live and rocking. Big thumps up for Pratyush, Vimal and of course, Donald for making this happen. The jump from outdated site/ framework to feature rich, futuristic and dynamic site is truly commendable. :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot Pratyush, Vimal for this gift. Great work!!!

(Dhiraj Dave) #175

Great work team VP. Thanks for providing fabulous forum for discussion to investment !!!

(Dhinakaran AK) #176

Thanks so much, Vimal and Pratyush, for the great, awesome work. Congrats!

(Praveen) #177

Thank you, Vimal and Pratyush.Really Nice work


Thank You Vimal & Pratysh, Heartiest Congradulations

(Girish G) #179

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for the wonderful work.

(Fractal) #180

Vimal, Pratyush and VP Team,

Congratulations to all of you!

Thanks for Sharing.

(Jagan Mohan) #181

Dear Vimal, Pratyush! Great work! I really admire your hardwork and your quest to share information and knowledge.
Thanks &Regards,

(Rahul ) #182

Congrats and Thank you for the great effort…

(Kiran K) #183

Thanks for all Guys who made this new platform access and manage threads easily

(sandriano) #184

Thank you to Vimal and Pratush. Great Stuff!
A special thanks to the VP team as well for bringing this all together.
You made it easier for a whole lot.


(Saket) #185

Thank you Pratyush Sir and Vimal Sir.
The inbuilt Search/Find is fantastic!

All the very best!

(Saurabh Pandya) #186

kudos to vimal and pratyush for the new avatar. thanks.


Thank you Vimal Mathews (@vml) and Pratyush Mittal (@pratyushmittal )!! Super job!