Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(Hemant V Bhatia) #125

Thanks a lot VP Team.No words will be enough to express gratitude.

(Arvind Kumar Rathi) #126

Thanks to VP team. It has been a great learning experience now with this upgraded UI it has become more interactive.

(Whipsaw) #127

Admin team,

Thanks for this wonderful upgrade. Its a pleasure to navigate and read the topics now. You guys rock. Again, thanks for all your selfless hard work and willingness to share your knowledge and efforts to the community.


Vimal and Pratyush : It’s impressive and effective. Go and have sweets…Post the bill to me : smile:

(Manoj Pradhan) #129

Thanks Vimal and Pratyush.

(Prashant Negi) #130

Thanks Vimal and Pratyush for your selfless work.

(Arun) #131

Thanks Vimal and Pratyush, I like the profile colors :smile:

(Bhaskar Bora) #132

Thnkx Pratyush, Vimal and all valuepickr people…the best ever place for investors is always valuepickr

(Bhaumik) #133

Thanks. This is just amazing work and superb UI!

(Raj Khichi) #134

Truly great work! Sincere thanks to you both and the entire VP team!!

(manish) #135

thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush.
Valuepickr has been a great platform and am sure has improved the lives of plenty.
you guys have done an amazing work and have helped the entire community.
God bess you .

(muneeb rehman) #136

ongratulations and thank you Vimal and Pratyush…

(Anoop) #137

Thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush.The interface looks amazing!!!

(Rathnakar Reddy N) #138

Congratulations to Donald and ValuePickr team! I am fortunate and have no words to express my gratitude. Thanks Vimal and Pratyush! :+1:

(Gurjot) #139

Heartiest congratulations to the entire team behind this upgrade of VP Forum!

The new platform design seems a lot more slick, intuitive and user-friendly.

Keep up the great work!

(srinivasan) #140

This new forum looks great. After using old forum for 3 years, this new theme looks lot more colourful and exciting (also bit overwhelming and complicated, need to get used to this). Many thanks to Pratyush Mittal,Vimal Mathews, Shibin, Suhas, Donald for this wonderful forum. So Valuepickr prides not just in quality content but also in looks. Thanks.

(Vinay) #141

Superb Renovation!!!
Thanks a ton Vimal and Pratush. You are real true heroes. :blush:

(Kunal) #142

And i guess Vimal , Pratyush, Ayush, Donald and Team are heavily bombard with appreciation, Valuepickr forum has reached next orbit.



Thanks a lot VP Team.No words will be enough to express gratitude. great job

(Gursimran Oberoi) #144

Vimal and Pratyush, you guys are like BATMAN!! The heroes we need. Stupendous job! Thanks a lot!