Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(Sreekanth Reddy) #103

Thanks a lot to everyone involved

(G M) #104

Thanks a lot team! #Respect!

(Sachin Gupta) #106

Hi Pratyush & Vimal, Excellent Work

(Donald Francis) #107

Thanks for your kind words. I have been fortunate to play the catalyst role in this wonderful commmunity effort at VP along with Ayush, Hitesh, Abhishek and several others.

As you rightly said, seeing so much value being added by so many members - everyone wants to put their hands up - and do something to take our effort forward. Nature has gifted everyone unique skills - in a successful team you always need complimentary skills. No wonder Technology/Design flair or skills (a weak point earlier in Team VP) that was missing - now is also our strong point :wink:

If pharma domain specialists/industry professionals was a weak point in VP earlier - today it is a specialist strength at VP actually. If we didnt have Forensic accounting skills before - we have folks who have volunteered to do exactly that for us. Forensic gusy cannot do business/management quality dissection like we do, and we cant do forensic accounting how hard we may try. Each one is very good at his/her speciality. If combined skillfully - the output can be beautiful, holistic and successful :smiley:

A Fund Manager recently joked with me - today VP seems to have a specialist(s) in every city. Its amazing how you guys can get a survey done in most cities/regions in India for any product for FREE. Now, how cool is that :sunglasses:

VP is blessed with folks who value this culture of sharing, learning and growing together by playing win-win, even in a competitive field like stock investing!

(Chandresh Shah) #108

Congrats to the Team

(Jagadish) #109

Dear Pratyush, Vimal & Donald,
Thank you very much for your selfless work for the Indian value investing community.
When i almost gave up investing in the Stock Market, this great forum came to my rescue to keep my hopes alive.
Now, I laugh at myself recalling, how i was investing(trading, gambling ???) in the stock market 2 years ago!.

(Jayant) #110

Excellent stuff guys

(Aman Goklani) #111

Great job guys. The new website has a very fresh design and is also very easy on the eye. Working on figuring what is where :slight_smile:

(Kunal) #112

Thanks a lot Vimal , Pratyush, Ayush, Donald, Hitesh and Tony. Thanks for your selfless work.

Amazing looks.


(Krishna) #113

Superb work… Thanks guys…

(Dhwanil Desai) #114

Hi Pratyush and Vimal,

Please accept my sincere thanks for this monumental effort that has succeeded in its objective to the highest degree. The new UI looks awesome and has some very interesting features. It surely has a Gen next feel and functionality! The whole effort is more admirable in the context of challenges that Donald had mentioned in doing the transition. I am sure, it must have taken lot of perseverance, grit and patience to overcome each one of those challenges one after the other. Salute to your self-less effort in building this new platform for the community.

I also take this opportunity to express my gratitude toward the community. I have been associated with VP forum for around 2 years and what a learning experience it has been! The collaborative effort done on this forum is superlative, the analytical rigour applied to a business is top notch and scuttle-butt done on a business is unmatched.

However, one area where I feel this forum is unique, is the practice of focusing on incremental learning that, we as group have inculcated. Unlike other investment forums, we do not focus ONLY on the investment ideas, rather we try to unravel the most optimal way of making an investment decision. More importantly, we do not stop at developing some very complex and arcane framework or complex ideas. We, refine and distil our ideas/framework to identify key building blocks of the framework that a novice but sincere investor can grasp easily. In my opinion,this is the the “moat” that we are developing, as community and I hope this “moat” widens with the time.

Kudos to Donald, Ayush, Hiteshbhai and Abhishek in creating such differentiated and “thinking” community.

Happy and proud to be part of this wonderful group!

(Donald Francis) #115

Yes we were very fortunate to have a set of like-minded folks in Ayush, Hitesh, Abhishek and Mentors like Mr D & Mr M in setting culture/goals early for the VP community.

We felt that if 4-5 of us were doing such wonderful work over email, no reason why we can’t put our common shared learning in the group - on a larger, more accessible platform. No reason that we cannot scale the collaborative research model to 100s of users, and add much more value.

Glad to acknowledge that we already have a strong next rung of committed thought leaders and value-adders in Vinod MS, Omprakash, Tirumal Rao, Dhwanil, Anilkumar, Aveek Mitra, Ananth Shenoy, Ankit Gupta, Anant Jain, Kiran Dhanwada, Rudra Chowdhury and many more…

As a community we must value superior value-addition, acknowledge and incentivise every small bit of value-addition - in tools, models & frameworks, in data-points, domain understanding & analysis.

Try to improve every discussion. Do use the Forums Like buttons, and badges to acknowledge and provide the much needed energy to all value-addition efforts. We are sure pretty soon we will have another rung of super value-adders emerging!!

Also me and Ayush have always valued local city/region scuttlebutts as very very important inputs in our data-gathering/analysis process. Local guys who are networked very well are super VP assets - when we want to meet the right distributor or scientist or farmer or company/competitor management. And increasingly now domain specialists in the City. Team Hyderabad led by Tirumal Rao has provided exemplary specialist :wink: contribution - just think how many golden Hyderabadi (near Hyd) companies in VP Portfolio - Kaveri, Avanti, Shriram City, Shilpa, CCL - imagine how much of groundwork would have been needed to be done to get us access to all the right folks in each completely different industry :smile: for us to do justice to our in-depth data-gathering/analysis process!

(JatinK) #117

New platform looks quite good & more user-friendly.
Thanks for the efforts Pratyush and Vimal.

(saurabh shankar) #118

Great Work guys. Super cool. love the mobile friendliness

(hiral) #119

Amazing!!! you guys Rock!!

(Vivek Kumar) #120

Great work. Very light. And the thing I like most if the ability to view the latest post with minimal effort.

Thank you…!!!

(Omprakash ) #121

Excellent !! New platform has amazing user interface & with next gen features i am sure VP will reach great heights .Great work Vimal & Pratyush .Big Thanks !! I cannot resist myself to quote here for so selfless & untiring efforts “Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” - Tony Robbins

(Yogendra) #122

Thanks Valuepickr team. You guys are simply amazing.


very good afford for us. thank you very much.

(Kiran) #124

Fantastic fantastic makeover!!

This is truly newgen and many many thanks to Vimal, Pratyush for some amazing UI and tech behind this smooth and sleek site and Donald, as usual, for continously motivating folks to contribute in their specialty areas.

Onwards then…for the next 5 years of learning, sharing, contributing and obviously making money!