Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(Karan Maroo) #63

Thank you so much team! The look and feel is so awesome now :slight_smile:

(Jeet Jhaveri) #64

Great Work guys!! Thank you so much for all your efforts.

(Vijay D'Souza) #65

Thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush for this great and wonderful job. A big thank you to our senior VP members like Donald, Hitesh, Pratyush and others in educating small time investors like us and sharing their knowledge and experience with us.

A thumbs-up to all of you … :thumbsup:

(Pathikshah) #66

Congratulations!!! and many thanks for creating and maintaining this high quality platform.

(Manish Vachhani) #67

A special thanks to Ayush, Hitesh, Donald and many others who has put up their analysis of stocks and shared their wisdom in this forum without any personal gains/prejudice. Special thanks to Mr. M & Mr. D for inspiring Donald to enhence the quality of resources on this forum. :thumbsup: :pray:

(Abhishek Basumallick) #68

The look-and-feel is really nice and the performance is also fast. Thanks and Congrats for the great work and effort.

(PALLAV) #69

Thanks for Nice work.

(Krishna kumar) #70

Fantastic stuff. congratulations pratyush and vimal

(Arvind Kumar) #71

Excellent work guys…Keep it up…

(Ravi Kumar Pydipati) #72

Thank you Pratyush and Vimal for doing great job.

(sri krishna bhutra) #73

Thanks pratyush and vimal. Simply amazing!!

(Anil Konda) #74

Awesome work Vimal & Pratyush. Thank You verymuch for putting in such effort to build this great forum. Thank You Donald and Thank You all the VPr core team for guiding the small investors.

(Shailesh) #75

Great Job guys and Thanks a lot

(P Sharma) #76

This is such a unique platform where a number of people come and contribute, learn and profit. It is not surprising that that both Vimal and Pratyush volunteered to make this technology platform so much superior to what existed earlier. Kudos and thanks a lot.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank Donald for the selfless work that he has been doing over the years. I have personally benefited a lot from the robust frameworks and techniques that he has developed in a collaborative manner. A big thank you and hope and pray that you continue to succeed in life.

It would be amiss to not acknowledge Hitesh Patel, Ayush Mittal, Mahesh Shah and countless others who have been more than generous in sharing their ideas, thoughts,research and at times passing on their conviction to fellow learners like me. Again a big thank you and may you continue to prosper.

Best Regards

(Pratyush Mittal) #77

Thanks a lot everyone for the kind words :slight_smile: .

You make this community awesome.


Excellent and superb. What a look VP has become a teen again with the energy for that age. No words to express gratitude .

(Mohamed Fasil) #79

Excellent work and kudos to all VP admins and maintainers… Looks and feel is fabulously rich !!

(Amitayu) #80

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :ok_hand: Pratyush , Vimal you guys are simply genius . Special thanks to Hitesh, Donald . Ayush , P Sharma , Sagar , Subhas and others for educating and guiding us about the basics of investment …

(kiranmayi) #81

Thanks a lot Vimal , Pratyush, Ayush, Donald, Hitesh and Tony. Thanks for your selfless work.


(Subash Nayak) #82

Thanks Pratyush and team. Super awesome work man. Hats off.