Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(Vidur Chhabra) #83

Thanks Vimal and Pratyush Donald etc, for doing such a wonderful job with a forum which is already an epitome for high quality collaboration, research and ideation

(Amit) #84

Fantastic !! Keep up the good work …missed the website for many day !!
cheers … :slight_smile:

(Souvik Roy) #85

Kudos to the Valuepickr team and escpecially to Vimal & Pratyush!!!
Carpe diem

(Hashims) #86

Hearty Congratulations! to the team involved, in making this amazing transformation.


(Mahesh Shah) #87

Truly outstanding & innovative piece of work Vimal & Pratyush…UI simply feels GenNxt…You both deserve lots of applause. :clap:

(Bhupesh) #88

First of a kind! :rocket: Great Effort!

(Donald Francis) #89

Yes - Team VP is a great Team - Folks with all types of complimentary skills :smile:
@manish962 your skill as a Moderator will be tapped soon :smile: - No escape
@jagbir Many thanks for the admirable support provided to us during this agonising period - when we were so close, yet so far - and were struggling to get the finished product out. You were the one who kept asking/kept prodding us to drop our other priorities - and get this very important job behind us - and get back to what we do best at VP - in-depth dissection of good businesses with good management.

(Donald Francis) #90


Thanks for your generous words. You have been generous with your informed inputs and conceptual depth. The generosity at display at VP - that culture of combining individual complementary skills - towards a classy finished product - is what I think is the true measure of a successful community.

With this work of love from Vimal & Pratyush - it is already more fun & exciting & easy to collaborate. We hope to keep raising the bar!

If someone is doing very good work - let us all encourage and pat him/her on the back multiple times. Use the Like button. If we think something is inappropriate, let us not hesitate to flag that up discreetly/directly as needed.

(Donald Francis) #91


Ha ha … This is so appropriate an comment …truly we are energised again …like eager beaver Teens :stuck_out_tongue:

(Donald Francis) #92

You and Hitesh are the galavanising forces behind Team VP. Hope this new platform can re-energise many of our other VP old timers like Abhishek Basumallick

(Yash Pal) #93

Thanks for the upgradation Vimal and Pratyush. In fact, thanks are also due to all who put in effort to identify the requirements and supported Vimal and Pratyush

(Srinivasan Sundaram) #94

Hi Pratyush & Vimal

Fabulous work. Kudos to your hard & smart work :smile:

(Aveek Mitra) #95

Outstanding effort and achievement dear Pratyush and Vimal :slight_smile: … Many many thanks …

Also heartiest congratulations to Donalld, Ayush and others who are making this wonderful effort for last five years…

It is quite unfortunate for me that I came across this platform more than four years after its beginning … However, I must admit that its one of the best community collaboration I have seen.

All the very best to all of you !!!

(Saisundar R) #96

Congrats on this great makeover! I am sure many more lazy members will feel like returning more often to participate in the discussions now :smile:

(sangamsinha) #97

Excellent Work. Outstanding layout and design. It will be a challenge to maintain this. I am proud to be one of the newest member.
Thanks all.

(Lanson) #98

Hats off to you sir and to our heroes and other senior members like Ayush Mittal and Hitesh patel and many…
Thank You


Congrats to the Heros

(nabendu) #100

Vlauepickr is such a unique platform where a number of people selflessly contribute, make us learn and benefit. No wonder both Vimal and Pratyush volunteered to take the feel of Valuepickr to next level. Thanks a ton guys.

I will not do justice if i do not thank the very man behind the idea of valuepickr, Donald ---- for the selfless
contribution that he has been doing over the years. Donald - u r such an amazing man who covers all aspects — i have sliently learnt from u over the years & benefited immensely. Donald - have u inherited ur writing skills Or is it all self-developed !!! A big thank you and pray for your success.

Other pillars of Valuepickr — Hitesh Patel, Ayush Mittal, Omprakash, Dwanil – wisdom & knowledge that u have distilled, i have grabbed those with both hands. I have been learning even from newcomers – Sagar and others. Again a big thank to you all and wish all of us continue to prosper.

Best Regards

(Rejinoldo) #101

Thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush! Thansk a ton donald bhai , hitesh bhai and Ayush … hats off …

(HG) #102

Hats off to Vimal and Pratyush and the whole team. Great stuff, Guys! Hope the new platform takes the conversations to a new level!!

  • HG