Please congratulate our new Heroes!


Great work Vimal and Pratyush. Loving the new platform.

(Prashant Kulkarni) #43

Congratulations and thank you Vimal and Pratyush… Excellent work with the site… :ok_hand: :thumbsup:

(Aditya M. Wagle) #44

congratulations Vimal & Pratyush…great job!!!


Thanks a ton Vimal and Pratyush.

(Atul Maheshwari) #46

Great work Vimal and Pratyush, Thank you for the new look Valuepickr site, it is just amazing. Also thanks to Donald, Ayush and Hitesh bhai.

(sarathy) #47

Great work guys… Tks

(Akbar Khan) #48

Congratulations Vlauepickr team on completion of 5 years.
Thanks a lot Pratyush, Vimal and others who helped in giving us the .all new platform.

(Praveen Reddy) #49

Looks amazing. Thanks as lot Vimal & Pratyush. Hope to see more improvements in the coming days.

(Kunal Patel) #50

Brilliant work guys. I have been a silent learner on this forum for some reason but the kind of work, effort and dedication I have seen on this forum is commendable.

Great going guys and to all the senior guys, I would be seen posting something more often than not :smile:

Awesomeness personified


(Jagan) #52

Fantastic work Vimal and Pratyush…its awe feeling…website looks really easy and focused. Thanks for your selfless work to the investing community.


(Manish Vachhani) #53

Congrates to Pratyush & Vimal for the amazing work! Thanks for the selfless efforts.

(Chintan) #54

Thanks a ton Vimal and Pratyush :slight_smile:

(Manish Vachhani) #55

Thanks to Donald for all the efforts in expanding the valuepickr forum and binding all the valuepickrs.

(Ilyas) #56

Kudos Vimal, Pratyush & Team Valuepickr for this FANTASTIC STUFF. Take a bow guys.

(Krishnaraj) #57

Congratulations folks, this is great!


(chitti peri) #58

Hearty congratulations Vimal and Pratyush . you are doing yeoman services to the community .please keep it up .I am a retired banker and wish you all the best to serve the community for many more years to come .


(Ayush Mittal) #59

Yup, big thumbs up :thumbsup: to @Donald for leading from the front and bringing such a great team together!

Great work @vml @pratyushmittal. Also special thanks to @jagbir for bring a big help whenever needed. :pray:

(Abhishek Bagri) #60

Good job to all of you in creating such a wonderful and informative forum…

(vaibhav) #61

Congrats Vimal and Pratyush!

(kirti gangar) #62

Thanks ! — Everybody at VALUEPICKR THE COMPLETE TEAM , DONALD , Vimal Mathews (@vml) ,Pratyush Mittal (@pratyushmittal )
Shibin (@shibin) , Suhas (@suhas)other team members ,and of course all the valuepickr
members for creating a value platform !! THx a Lot !!!