Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(Latheesh P Koroth) #22

Thanks to all! Looks different and modern.


Amazing work Vimal @vml & Pratyush @pratyushmittal. Works great on android.

A query, how do I change my password. I got a new password in email and logged in but I am unable to find how to change the password.

(Tolaha) #24


The valuepickr UI is top-notch now! Great job @vml and @pratyushmittal!

Also, got the same query as @stonedndead. Looks like we dont have that option yet. By writing this message, have tested ‘Edit’ functionality. Was sorely missed earlier! :smile:

(Ravenrage) #25

Excellent work . Thanks everyone . Heroes is the right word .


I use VP a lot on phone. I joined 10 days back. The mobile version just rocks. It’s so fluid, compact…

Just wow !!!

Thanks vimal

(Rudra Chowdhury) #27

Amazing work Vimal @vml & Pratyush @pratyushmittal. Kudos for your brilliant work.

Hope the collaborative research at Vp would reach a new pinnacle. One can’t thank you enough for this brilliant and painstaking efforts.


Can someome please me, how to change my password in this new design. Sounds naive. But, i am unable to find it.

Gosh !!!
This design is simply superb on mobile.

(Abhishek Sinha) #29

Congratulations to both of you and the entire ValuePickr team. :thumbsup:

(Deepender Singla) #30

Great work Pratyush and Vimal, thanks a lot for effort. :slight_smile:

(shivanand) #31

Simply fantastic!!!. Brilliant!

(Gulshan Bajaj) #32

Thanks a lot for providing such a brilliant platform and making it even better. Great Commitment!

(Nagarajan G) #33

Pratyush & Vimal - Thank you guys for creating a wonderful new avatar of VP :slight_smile:

(Kamal Raj M M) #34

Value Investing made Easy / Accessible / Informational… 3 Cheers to Vimal / Pratyush. Technical Wizardry with Investing Prowess of Mr V is very inspirational.


(Raghu) #35

Thank you Pratyush and Vimal… The look and feel, the features etc. are just amazingly awesome.

(Rajesh sankar) #36

This is Amazing, Kudos to Vimal and Pratyush


(Saji John) #37

Thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush for the great look and feel of valuepickr.

(Sambath) #38

Awesome fluid design by the team.VP is not just great in the content,it is the top notch in techinical design and presentation as well.

This place is getting better and better each passing day.Congrats on this mind blowing work.


Congratulations and many thanks for providing novice users like me with a wonderfully educative platform like VP. The current upgrade looks very nice and I am sure it would help us immensely in consuming the detailed knowledge that seniors are spreading through this platform.


Congratulations and thank you, Vimal and Pratyush.

(Shobhan) #41

Thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush for this wonderful platform. Also would like to thank esteemed members like Donald, Ayush, Hitesh and others. Keep up the good work and spread the knowledge :slight_smile: