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There is a lot to learn, from the comments in this thread, about how news and views change based on the price movement RATHER than the other way round!

If you read the comments before the Thursday afternoon then ALL of them were negative in nature. That is when the price was falling as if there was no bottom.

And since Friday the comments have turned either neutral or positive following the increase in stock price.

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Can someone in this forum validate of purchases made in Pc Jewellers by yourself or your nearest kith and kin friends neighbours or collegues relatives and so forth and update about your experience in their store? It would be greatly helpful for the valuepickr community if such scuttlebutt can be done and reported to our forum members.

Sometime back motilal oswal introduced Me gold ie Demat gold holding which can also be physically delivered to the customer. In that presentation motilal oswal mentioned that the Demat purchase of the gold can be used across the Pc Jewellers stores.

Disc not invested but nailbitting and waiting. And sorry for bad vocabulary.

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It’s the bull market talking. Similar things are happening in threads of amazing companies like D Mart as well. Makes me wonder how different will the forum be when we are in a bear market. All efforts and intelligence might be solely devoted to negative aspects unlike how it is today.

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Not everyone was writing negative while price was going down, I had been always positive on PCJ, it had been a roller coaster ride last week, tribled quantity at lowest levels around 100, main logic behind picking stocks were zero pledge, low debt, mamooth expansion, positive end customer reviews on websites. Market cap to sales becoming less than 1, constant promotor assurance about things going fine. Fidelity exit doesn’t matter to me as these are big corporate & once decision taken to quit they will quit, someone had information of fidelity quitting hence made a killing in F&O, now loosers will be retailers only who shorted stock, it’s a good value buy

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Very true!
Most of the members here are now day traders. They speculate and discuss about momentum of stock price.
This is a great place to learn and discuss fundamentals and the business. Let us all keep it that way.

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There are very few stores in south india.But there is one store near my office which is at jaya nagar.I saw the store.My friend went there and his feedback is also good.

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Well, that has always been the case since time eternal. This is not just restricted to PC Jewellers - cuts across all stocks, all assets and in fact life in general.

An analogy ( not a perfect one ) that we can relate to is when we go to a huge food court or a street lined up with eateries - lets say we have no idea about any of the food outlets there but as always we want the best food. Now, we can do some hard work by visiting as many outlets that we can, go through their menus in detail, draw up learnings from similar such experiments in the past, talk to many people as you can, shortlist a few and figure out the best possible one. We may not still get the best but if we do this time and again every time we visit such food zones, we get better at it over a period of time. But then, most people take the easy way out and tend to visit the outlets where they see the most people. And what they end up with is the average regular food and an average experience.

In my opinion, humans have both survival and predatory instincts but for most of us, our survival instincts overcome our predatory instincts. So there is always the tendency to follow and be with the crowd or the majority. The stock market is no different - we perceive those counters to be good where you see the most people shopping. You only start doubting products when you see people moving away.

This is the reason why only a few independent thinkers end up making money consistently over a long period of time. The larger majority will always end up disappointed - they all want above average returns by doing average work ( which is to be with the crowd/majority ).

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This is the reason why only a few independent thinkers end up making money consistently over a long period of time. The larger majority will always end up disappointed - they all want above average returns by doing average work ( which is to be with the crowd/majority )

Well said!

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Commonly attributed to the famous John Maynard Keynes - “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

I do not see anyone here changing from positive or negative based on price. Just facts, if no problem in company you are getting a 10x stock - you buy. Bad results on 25th, you sell. Foolish to do something till the 25th.

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Apparently the buy back has been preponed to 10th may .I am positive on the company thanks to the facts.

Disclosure:Not invested but still positive.

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The valuation gap between Titan and rest is widening, my perception PCJ wouldn’t get the premium valuation, so I expect the price wouldn’t bounce back to pre jan2018 until the fundamentals and earnings catchup.
Discl: Not planning to invest.

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Dear members,
As far as business is concerned, it is real. I have visited many stores in different cities and found them doing business. I am a customer too.
But the business has been rising too fast - as per the reported financial numbers. Every thinking investor was a bit worried. And a negative news was sufficient to multiply his worries. I suppose every single retail investor has sold out - mostly taking a huge loss. Now, as the price rises they will try to recover their loss and jump in. If everything is neat and clean , they will be lucky. But if there is anything wrong they will again lose heavily. Right now only the management and may be few informed ones know what the reality is.
Taking a plunge now appears to be a big adventure. Shrewd traders may keep making money for some more time.

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Reqest few of the experienced folks from the forum to give me insights about buyback… I do understand that:
In the Buy back offer NO promoter will take part…

What does does the above mean exactly?

Disc: Not investing Now… I will keep an eye on the movement though.

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I am not experienced, but I have few observations;

  1. In spite of 45% raise in stock price delivery is only 7.27% on Friday, means people not positive about the story
  2. Why management not participating in buy back? This is positive and negative

(atul1082) #389

Management will fix up buy back price higher than market price and mgt not participating in buy back tries to instill confidence in investors and also indicates that it’s percieved value of share is still higher than buy back price.If mgt is honest, it would be true for long term.if u see recent buy back of TCS and pidilite, post buy back prices HV gone much higher.

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Thanks Atul,
I do remember buyback offer from Infy as well- (Guess this was Some time Back.)

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PC Jeweller on Saturday informed bourses that the board will hold a separate meeting on May 10 to consider the proposal for buyback of its fully-paid equity shares.
promoter of the company said business at his company’s over 90 outlets was “robust” and he was “yet to figure out” the cause for Fidelity selling a huge chunk of its stake. He quashed speculation of promoter gifting or selling further stake. The promoters currently hold around 58 per cent and LIC held 1.93 per cent at March quarter end.

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Thats gud cozz if promoter dont participate than more retail or Institutional holders can give their share for buyback. Lastly I agree with u the delivery % is too low sometimes I doubt NSE data.

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Given that my investment is in the money, just doing some more research whether to hold on or not.

So it looks like this gifting shares is not new to them. I checked since 2017 and Krishna Devi (PC Chand’s wife) has previously in early and mid 2017 gifted shares. (33L + 14L = 47L) on two occasions. There maybe more but not searched intensively. And one of them was before the bonus (so adjusted nearly 61L shares now).

Interestingly on Aug 29 report, someone called Shivani Gupta (looks like PC Chand Daughter-in-law) came on the SHP with 1.38% holding (52L shares). She has since dropped off the list meaning she has sold the shares below 1%. Maybe the recent transfer is also to her.

14L gift

33L gift

Shivani Gupta

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@LTInvestor : Thanks for digging in. It seems more of a timing mis-match between fidelity selling and the gifting of shares and the only news available to market was the gifting and hence the speculation( or may i say over-speculation on our part). I am looking forward to the 10th now.

Disc: Invested and holding till 10th and decide based on management’s actions/ commentary