Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd -- OSCL

(Pdshah) #645

Have not read it though. Lets see if anything needs attention.

(sanmam) #646

Point Nos-19 & 20 says, Scheme is accepted. It’s only 8 page document, Senior, Learned members of forum may conclude please

(rknshah) #647

Ok, read the order. All decks cleared for demerger, hope investors are rewarded now.

(paresh.sarjani1) #648

Detailed demerger document

Closure of trading window…

So either announcement of record date or results or both before 5th May…

(msriharsha) #649

HDFC Securities Research Report:

(Changu Mangu) #650

Board Meeting conducted today.
@giridesh3 You were right about Omkar Herlekar and father Pravin Herlekar going their separate ways it seems :slight_smile: Any updates or advise from you?

(Girish) #651

I am told by the company that they are already separate operationally for some time.

(Changu Mangu) #652

Fully understood and agree on what you conveyed. Thank you.

(sumitg04) #654

Have they already announced the results? Could not find any update on the BSE.

(SecretInvestor) #655

Not yet. I guess it will come tomorrow morning now.

(Changu Mangu) #656

Outcome of Board Meeting:
Will post updates tomorrow. Also, @giridesh3 could we have your review. Best.

(sanmam) #657

Results show net loss for qtr & year ending Mar-2107 due to extraordinary items

(Changu Mangu) #658

Sanmam. Please read the full sheet. What you saw as a loss is by just going right to the bottom of the sheet because the merger and de-merger exercise is now in motion.
They have posted excellent results. We will review it tomorrow.

(sumitg04) #659

The exceptional loss is understandable, however, the puzzle is the loss in other income. Can anyone highlight what constituents the other income and whether the negative other income is also due to demerger. Sales have grown QOQ, expenses have reduced QOQ, But not sure whether we can compare the results from previous quarters. Need a better educated perspective.

(sta) #660

can somebody explain if the total income from operation includes LASA or not.If it includes then its a bad result. I was expecting a full year EPS to be around 18-19.

(Akhil) #661

It doesn’t. Read the notes.

(sta) #662

yes I read the notes thats why got confused. where is the result of lasa?

(SecretInvestor) #663

Lasa is not included as Lasa is no more a part of Omkar.

Lasa numbers will come in the coming days I suppose post record date announcement.

Back to numbers of Omkar, I see the operational numbers as quite sturdy and good.

(gourav.rgb) #664

The results are quite good with full year EPS of 15 considering that this does not include Lasa numbers. Exceptional item of Rs.63 crores on account of demerger seems huge and will have to wait for more details on that…

(ajay81) #665

dont understand these EPS before exceptional items calculation. For Q4, PBT before exceptional items is 7.33 cr, assuming no tax payment, EPS comes out to be 3.56 per share, then how come the EPS before exceptional items is 5.91 per share?..