My Summary of MOSL Wealth Creation Study

(Subash Nayak) #1

Attaching PPT of summary of various wealth creation studies done by MOSL.MOSL Wealth Creation Summary.pptx (1.7 MB)

Please go through it and give feedback on it.

(Kamal Raj M M) #2


Very Nice effort. Presentation is simple and to the point. The curves on Lifecycle of an Organisation and Lifecycle of Commodity market was key take away for me.

There were some Redundant Slides like the DNA of Wealth Creator. Overall a laser straight info share.


Hi Subash

The Presentation is simple and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this.
One suggestion is you may add one more slide for “Buy Right and Sit Tight” as after finding a great business one need to hold it for longer periods.

Pavan Morishetty

(Bhaskar Bora) #4

Nice work Subash…condensed wisdom of all the reports

(Subash Nayak) #5

@bhaskarbora67 Thanks

(Sampat Bhansali) #6

Thanks Subash for the efforts

(Chintan) #7

Thanks Subash, Look forward to more such posts from you.

(chirag jain) #8

Excellent write up and presentation Santosh.

I found even more informative than MOST study report itself.

(hrfacebuk) #9

I didn’t see this summary earlier.
Very well summarised and easy to digest, as it makes it easier to get the gist of the MOST study without going through the entire original document.

Kind Regards.

(Prasad India) #10

Hi friends,
Any one having details of 21st wealth creation study?
Can any body share highlights?

(Arun S G) #11